Little tricks, you say? Well how about this one!1,064
Muhahaha! Sucker!1,045
Little White Knight, I command powers beyond your imagination!1,030
This is getting very tiresome!1,029
If you do not cease pursuing me, I will be forced to use them upon you!1,029
This charade bores me!1,028
You... You meddlesome... You meddlesome freak!1,027
Argh! I am so sick of your interference!1,026
I think it is time we end this once and for all!1,025
You'll never take me alive!1,025
You and what army?1,023
Oh yes?1,022
Well now, I am beginning to get sick of your constant interference!1,015
Or at least I would be if you weren't so laughably easy to escape from!1,015
Then let's see how you deal with this!971
Oh, we have a little magical skill do we?963
Ha! Like I care!960
I warn you, if you interfere with my plans I will see you suffer!952
You again???948
Well you'll have to be quicker than that, my friend!723
Well well well! I was wondering when the White Knights would come looking for me!720
What the...?711
Well you ARE a persistent fellow aren't you?577
Well you ARE a persistent madam aren't you?490
Lord Daquarius!5
Still festering in your pathetic little dungeon, I see.5
Wishful thinking, perhaps?5
Now is that any way to talk to a fellow Zamorakian?5
Such mistrust of your forgotten ally!5
Why did I ever leave these lands?5
Oh... nothing much.5
I just thought you would like to know that I have returned as your new master.5
And is that your final answer Daquarius?5
You would threaten Solus Dellagar?5
Have you forgotten just who I am?5
Perhaps you need reminding!5
Still alive Daquarius?5
I won't have to remind you of my power again next time!5
Make sure you are more prepared to follow orders next time I come to your little Taverley hideout!5
Well, what have we here?3
A shrine to Zamorak in the middle of Varrock?3
I assume my reputation precedes me!3
Kill you?3
My dear fellow, if I wanted you dead, you ALREADY WOULD BE!3
Well I am particularly interested in your brains at the moment!3
But you wouldn't want me taking those and leaving, now would you?3
I am interested in your research!3
But he is not here, is he?3
You are going nowhere just yet sir3
If I killed you then you would no longer continue with your most interesting research!3
No, I will be content with simply taking your money sir!3
Well, a most productive trip on all accounts!3
I will see you again...3
Very soon!3