Can you hear me?1,424
I'm no ghost! I'm a spirit, I'm injecting my thoughts into your head1,336
Try not to think about it.1,316
Stay safe, adventurer.836
I came for treasure!735
Yes, but alas, I'm dead.728
Hmm... I don't have much to offer, but if you happen upon a skull sceptre, I could make it stronger.717
Currently the sceptre is fragile: it breaks once all charges have been used. Show me the treasure and I could imbue it so it can be recharged with any sceptre piece.706
Of course I can... But first, you must show me whatever treasure lies within that cradle and make sure that your account is safe.662
Oh no, they had no idea I was hurt, I guess they assumed I'd found the treasure and made a new life for myself.596
It was all death and pillaging, I prefer the finer things in life, like exploration and discovery!592
I am Solztun, the greatest barbarian explorer!489
I know.488
Yes, my sister told me not to go, she said it was dangerous and that I'm no fighter. Unfortunately... she was correct.485
I died... Of course, I tried escaping, long before I'd made it to the treasure, but I was shot with arrows just as I approached the exit.477
Oh marvellous! If only I had corporeal form I'd be able to wear them, but alas...460
Of course, of course!456
Each piece will increase the charges of the sceptre by 3. If you disable your authenticator, the imbue on the sceptre will be removed.455
There you go, now that I've imbued it, once it runs out of charges it will no longer break and it can be charged with any piece of the sceptre you find.392
It seems you have the authenticator set up, that's perfect! Now just show me the treasure.353
As I said, I am Solztun, the greatest barbarian explorer! I came to explore this place, but unfortunately I died long before I made it to the treasure.122
No, that's not it.115
I sense that you don't have the treasure.87
To make sure your account is secured, please turn on the authenticator. Simply visit the support link on the website.28
It seems your account isn't as secure as it could be, I'm afraid I can't imbue your sceptre.5