How can I help you?547
Oh, the plague of spots. Well, I wasn't here when the outbreak took place.61
We were out of town trying to catch an antiques thief called Simon Templeton.61
We're guarding this place to make sure that nothing comes up from that trap door and that nobody unnecesserarily goes down there.60
Sophanem is my home town so it would take a lot more than the threat of a few spots to keep me away.60
I'll sell you an unlit torch for 200gp.53
I have one I could sell you for 50gp.45
Sorry, I can't chat while I'm on duty; have to keep alert.44
This is the remains of the Sophanem Bank.35
Some time back, these scarab creatures started coming up from the basement. We fought them off, but they kept coming and coming and eventually destroyed the place. We've now fought them back again and35
barricaded the trap door.31
That must be reducing the scarab numbers.9
This is the recently renovated Sophanem Bank.8
Once all the townsfolk returned, we decided to patch the place up and return it to normal.8
I suppose it is a worry, but ever since the townsfolk have returned the scarab attacks have become more sporadic and a lot less organised.8
Greetings to you. If only I had time to talk... I've heard you have many daring tales to tell.8
No problem; come back if you change your mind.7
Move along, move along; nothing to see here.7
Oh, to be off duty with a nice, cold drink.5
I do, but I'd like to hold on to it for now.3