Ah, how interesting... a cat. Come here to me, kitty.1,416
Your cat tells me you're in a spot of bother; something to do with grave-robbing, tisk tisk. So unbecoming of a guardian of cats.1,104
Well, I have to say I enjoy a laugh at someone's expense now and let's have a bit of fun.1,101
I'll help you if you can answer a simple puzzle of mine, but...1,101
...but if you answer incorrectly, I get to keep your cat.1,101
A husband and wife have six sons and each son has one sister. How many people are in the family?1,079
Are you sure?1,070
Well answered, human. I guess you get to keep your cat.1,037
Now what was it with which you needed help? Oh yes, I remember; your cat mentioned something about grave- robbing.1,037
Too true, you didn't rob just anybody's tomb, you robbed the grave of the late high priest of Icthlarin.1,034
Here, I have a token that he will know is from me. Take that to him and I'm sure he will talk to you.1,031
The trials of humans concern me not, but I do make exceptions for guardians of my kind.1,031
Really? So explain why the shade of the high priest is ranting about you to the west of here...or how about explaining why you have a burial jar in your possession?1,030
Have you had any strange turns, flashbacks or out-of- body experiences recently?1,030
Ah hah. It sounds like someone hypnotised you and forced you to carry out their bidding. I won't get any more involved with your petty human bickerings; I have my own kingdom to look after. However, I will give you1,030
Simple: I can smell the rotting organs from here.1,029
one bit of advice: seek out the new high priest to the south-west of this town. He will help you.762
Then it is the time for action!618
Human myths interest me not.608
I'm afraid I will be of little help here. All I can do is hypnotise Bob, I can't enter his mind and choose which memory to view.607
What is it you wish to learn?598
Slow down human!598
All done. Now, what is it you need my help with?591
What is it human?582
Excellent. Prepare yourself!581
Ahh yes. That amulet of yours is very useful but it has limitations. I can use my power to grant you the ability to talk to cats even when you're not wearing it.575
Hello human, Bob was just telling me about your dungeon.569
Come with me into the desert so we are not disturbed.450
Bob has fallen in love?446
Very few humans are ever given this power, but you've proved yourself to be a friend to feline kind.438
Very well, I see you have a close relationship with your cat, I will help you if I can.435
Who is this Robert the Strong that you speak of?422
It is true that there is something about Bob... there is the mark of power on him, I have ignored it for too long.388
This I did not foresee!380
What is the problem?378
%USERNAME%, since you are to look after Unferth, shall I teleport you to his house?287
For too long I have ignored the fact that there is a mark of power on Bob. Under my influence Bob was able to recall memories that had remained hidden until now. It proves he is, or was, Robert the Strong.275
You are no longer under my influence.258
There are more important matters than match making.234
Very well! I shall summon Neite!230
You are now under my influence.192
What is your name?187
Good. Are you or have you ever been called Robert the Strong?185
Let's start with something simple. What is your name?183
Where are you now?182
Think back to your earliest memories.181
Quiet please.... I shall summon Bob.181
I have long suspected that your appearance as an ordinary cat belies your true nature.180
What do you need human?180
I have brought you here to find out who you really are.174
Look into my eyes.173
Greetings Bob.167
I hope that you will come to the understanding that not all the world's problems can be solved by an individual. You've done your bit; it's now up to the Menaphites and the priests of Icthlarin to solve this standoff.73
I have to confess that, despite myself, I am impressed by your actions. I may have some work for you at a later date.62
I am an agent of neither good nor evil. I am unconcerned with the plight of mankind and their petty wars and beliefs.49
I am the guardian of feline kind.48
Cats play a significant role in the religion of this area, particularly when it comes to guarding the dead from The Devourer.48
How disappointing; well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Goodbye, then.47
Well, I suppose I do. Seeing as you're such a good guardian of cats, I'll give you one. Be careful with it, though.45
The Menaphite pantheon is made up of four main deities.44
She's the very incarnation of destruction.42
What understanding do you have of the Menaphite gods?41
I thought that this would be pretty obvious.40
Flattery, my adventurer, will get you everywhere. But to answer your question, Sophanem has been struck down with plagues.39
Your companion tells me that you are in a spot of bother.39
Have you taken a bang to the head recently?39
Interesting, very interesting. I'd like to help but I'm not going to get involved. Well, not just yet, anyway.39
The main god which the Menaphites worship is called Tumeken. His wife, Elidinis, is the goddess of fertility and growth.38
Quite a number; there's a plague of frogs to the west of town and, in the east, you can find locusts.37
When the plague first broke out, many of the resident tradespeople fled before the priests of Icthlarin decided to quarantine the city to prevent the plague being passed on to others living nearby.37
Some irritated god or other...or, perhaps, some peevish human; their grievances interest me little.37
The livestock are diseased, the cows have only been producing sour milk since the outbreak and the remaining residents have been struck down by some rash of spots.36
Sophanem is called the city of the dead because the dead are brought here. Death plays a rather large role in the beliefs of the people and, as a result, the business.36
What do you mean by goings on?36
I will tell you one thing, though: some important objects and locations can trigger memories, no matter how repressed they are.36
She was not always called such. She is thought of by her deeds, now, rather than her name.31
Fire destroys, but is that evil?31
Okay, we could have an overlong theological debate now, but to get to my point, recently - well, in the last age or so - The Devourer has taken to destroying humans.31
The Devourer is the goddess of destruction; she craves only to destroy things.30
No, it's not really that simple. Neither are either good or bad. Icthlarin is the god of the dead, and takes care of the passing of souls from one plane to another.28
Not just killing them, totally destroying them; body and soul. This has brought her into conflict with Icthlarin.28
Well anticipated. The Devourer is terrified of cats for reasons I will not explain, but her followers - although few in number - are not. I ensure the survival of cats and, for this service, Icthlarin grants me eternal life.28
Nothing of the sort. As I've said before, I have no interest in humans. I look after my kind and, for that, Icthlarin looks after me.28
Tumeken and Elidinis had two children: Icthlarin and The Devourer.27
How go things, great guardian of cats?26
He once even was worshipped by the Mahjarrat but they turned away from him in the Third Age to follow Zamorak.26
You have the feel of a cat person about you. Do you look after one?26
I have helped you enough, or at least as much as I'm willing to.25
Human, you interest me not.22
I'm sure you have, but you know nothing of my kind.22
Do you think that you'll be able to communicate with me at a deeper level because you're wearing that amulet of catspeak?22
Come back to me when you befriend one of mine.21
The ghost that accosts passers by is just another part of it.21
How very foolish. The Sphinx shakes her head in bemusement.21
Have you completed the chores that Bob asked you to?20
Sorry, I'm getting a bit ahead of myself. A pantheon is the collective name for the gods or deities of a group of people.19
That's very observant of you. The river Elid is named in her honour as it brings growth and life to the area during times of flood.18
Patience. You humans are so impatient; no wonder your life only spans a number of decades.18
I suppose I could spare a moment or two. Who do you want to know about?18
A pity; they can be of great help in some adventures. I would like to talk to your cat. Would you bring it to me?16
What? That's no place for a cat!7
Your cat tells me that you have yet to speak to the high priest. I wonder why I tried to help at all!6
Try the large building to the south-west of Sophanem.6
She's the very incarnation of destruction. I would think you remember her from your previous activities.5
Really? So explain why the shade of the high priest is ranting about you to the west of here...or how about explaining why you had a burial jar in your possession?4
Simple: I can still smell the rotting organs off you.4
What do you mean by 'goings on'?3
I will tell you one thing though: some important objects and locations can trigger memories, no matter how repressed they are.3
I believe that you've found one already. You would do well to find it again.3
I will say no more for now; there are players involved in this with powers far beyond mine.3
I think your master has proven that it is too foolish to look after you. Come with me.3
Well, you should have thought of that before you risked it for some advice from a crazy old Sphinx.3
Ahhh, you humans.3
Not just killing them; totally destroying them, body and soul. This has brought her into conflict with Icthlarin.3
Indeed, The Devourer is terrified of cats for reasons I will not explain. Her followers - although few in number - are not, so I have to watch for them in my role as protector of cats.3
Hello again human. What was it you needed of me?2
Tumeken is the chief god of the area. You could say that you see him wherever you look but never notice him.2
I am unconcerned with the plight of mankind and their petty wars and beliefs.2
You begin to understand. The desert is indeed harsh but it protects us from outsiders. Outsiders generally mean us no good, so he protects Menaphos through this harshness.1
You humans have a saying, 'you have to be cruel to be kind'. It seems to fit Tumeken.1
Well, if you can imagine the force of the desert, it's not exactly a subtle instrument. Why use a sledgehammer to crack a nut...especially when you can be persuaded to help?1
It's lucky that he prefers to spend his time with Elidinis rather than smiting you.1
Really? I'm generally quite good at knowing these sorts of things.1
Human, you make a mockery of my kin.1
You should leave, before I deliver retribution for your actions.1