Hi, how can I help you?410
This is where we launch our landers to combat the invasion of the nearby islands. You'll see three landers - one for novice, intermediate and veteran adventurers. Each has a different difficulty, but they therefore offer90
varying rewards.85
The intermediate.80
Simple. We send a lander out every few minutes, however we need at least 5 volunteers or it's a suicide mission. The lander can only hold a maximum of 25 people though, so we do send them out early if they get73
full. If you'd be willing to help us then just wait in the lander and we'll launch it as soon as it's ready. However you will need a combat level of 70 to use this lander.67
I'm a Squire for the Void Knights.32
The Void Knights, they are great warriors of balance who do Guthix's work here in Gielinor.30
Ah well you see we try to keep Gielinor as Guthix intended, it's very challenging. Actually we've been having some problems recently, maybe you could help us?15
Entry is strictly invite only, however we do need help continuing Guthix's work.12
It is the name that Guthix gave to this world, so we honour him with its use.8
Well the order has become quite diminished over the years, it's a very long process to learn the skills of a Void Knight. Recently there have been breaches into our realm from somewhere else, and strange creatures8
have been pouring through. We can't let that happen, and we'd be very grateful if you'd help us.8
We send launchers from our outpost to the nearby islands. If you go and wait in the lander there that'd really help.6