Hey! You can't go in there. Only authorised personnel of the VTAM Corporation are allowed beyond this point.1,102
How's your little mission going?655
No, this is a legitimate business run by legitimate businessmen.642
You mean you'd like to join the Phoenix Gang?639
Go talk to our man Alfonse, the waiter in the Shrimp and Parrot.635
Obviously, I would have no idea about that.634
Let's see it then.629
Yes. Yes, this is very good.627
Take this key.624
This key will give you access to our weapons supply depot round the front of this building.618
Ooh... tricky stuff. Took me YEARS to get that rank.568
Hmmm. Not bad, not bad. Let's see it, make sure it's genuine.568
Use the secret word 'gherkin' to show you're one of us.554
His security is excellent, and the target very valuable so that might be enough to get you the rank.541
Well, what some of the more aspiring thieves in our gang are working on right now is to steal some very valuable candlesticks from Scarface Pete - the pirate leader on Karamja.501
Well, obviously I can't speak for them, but the Phoenix Gang doesn't let people join just like that.486
I dunno...464
Supposing we were this crime gang however, what would you want with us?463
Who are we then?442
Although having said that, a rival gang of ours, er, theirs, called the Black Arm Gang is supposedly meeting a contact from Port Sarim today in the Blue Moon Inn.442
Generally someone has to prove their loyalty before they can join.440
The Blue Moon Inn is just by the south entrance to this city, and supposedly the name of the contact is Jonny the Beard.440
OBVIOUSLY I know NOTHING about the dealings of the Phoenix Gang, but I bet if SOMEBODY were to kill him and bring back his intelligence report, they would be considered loyal enough to join.434
Ok! You can join the Phoenix Gang! I am Straven, one of the gang leaders.433
Greetings fellow gang member.428
You can't be too careful, you understand.419
Aww, go on then. I suppose I'm in a generous mood today.382
You really need to be more careful. We don't want that key falling into the wrong hands. Ah well... Have this spare. Don't lose THIS one.320
Get a copy of the Varrock Herald. If we have any positions right now, they'll be advertised in there.306
You told me you wanted to get a Master thief's armband! Now pay attention.210
Some of the more aspiring thieves in our gang are working on right now is to steal some very valuable candlesticks from Scarface Pete - the pirate leader on Karamja.194
Lucky for you I have a spare. Don't lose it again!91
You stay away from here! Black Arm dog!75
Sorry. That's classified information.58
Well, in all honesty, you didn't actually retrieve it yourself, did you? You don't qualify as a master thief unless you actually steal it yourself, you know...32
Oh yeah, we've all stolen some stuff in our time. Those candlesticks down here, for example, were quite a challenge to get out of the palace.30
Woah... that's a blast from the past! We stole that years and years ago! We don't even have all the shield anymore.29
On their way out they looted what treasures they could from us - which included one of the halves of the shield. We've been rivals with the Black Arms ever since.25
About five years ago we had a massive fight in our gang and the shield got broken in half during that fight.24
Shortly after the fight some gang members decided they didn't want to be part of our gang anymore. So they split off to form their own gang.24
You need to kill Jonny the Beard, who should be in the Blue Moon Inn.23
The Black Arm Gang.18
That would be a little tricky; their security is pretty good.18
Not as good as ours, obviously.18
We shouldn't speak about that now!17
...I would guess. Not being a member of the Phoenix Gang and all.17
One of our operatives is often near the alley - a red haired tramp, goes by the name of Charlie. He may be able to give you some ideas.15
You can always try the marketplace in Ardougne. LOTS of opportunity there!15
But still good.14
If you really want to go there, it's in the alleyway to the west as you come in the south gate.14
Well then get lost and stop wasting my time.1