What do you want?1,785
That depends.1,784
Is that it?1,779
Ya, I see them. Give me a sec.1,282
Listen you're crazy, I can't see anyone to distract.498
Well do you need any other information then?475
Hi! Do you want to go rob some more people? I could do with some more money.464
Well do you need any information then?390
Did you see the way I distracted that guy? Man I'm one smooth operator!326
So where's my money?316
Come back if you need any info about anything in the town.214
Thanks sir, I didn't think you would hold up your side of the deal. There's not much honour amongst thieves, you know.123
Thanks ma'am, I didn't think you would hold up your side of the deal. There's not much honour amongst thieves, you know.99
Do you forget who you're talking to? I'm the fastest and sneakiest urchin in this town.81
Well it suits my purpose nearly as much as yours if the blackjack seller produces a wider variety of wares.80
Well chances are, he'll produce some even higher quality items for me to steal80
There's hope for you yet.80
Not much really to say about it. Pollnivneach is a small town located between Al Kharid and Menaphos and has a particularly bad crime problem. Besides that nothing much happens here.77
He was ok, although he used to kick us when he caught any of us stealing from his stall.74
He disappeared around a week ago, he was involved in some dodgy business with both the gangs. I think he scammed them. Whether he got away with it or they got him I don't know, but I reckon if you gained either73
They're a bad bunch, always starting fights down in the the Asp and Snake. Word on the street is that they're led by some deranged priest. Though nobody gets to see him as he deals through Ali 'the Operator'. They are71
Psst... %USERNAME% Come here.71
Now walk up to the merchant, engage him in conversation and leave the rest up to me.68
Don't play stupid with me, I'm better at it. Where's my money?67
Hey there I heard that you were trying to get the blackjack man to change his gear.67
Liar, thief!66
Give me my money!66
You'll be sorry!64
There's not much really to say about them, they're just a group of local thugs led by the largest amongst them. They don't harbour the ambitions of the Menaphites.59
The mayor is a spineless coward. The current state of the town is all his fault. He didn't stand up to the Menaphites when they first came to town. When he finally realised his mistake he hired a group of thugs to57
planning something but they're such a close knit group that little ever slips out.56
There doesn't seem to be anyone around to rob at the moment. Perhaps we can try again later.54
of the gangs trust they may let you in on some more info.54
What do you want? Information?53
Seeing as we've worked successfully together in the past I will only charge you 100 gold.53
Thief! Thief!51
Give me double and I'll be quiet!51
No one knows what's going on in the streets better than me. I live, sleep, eat and drink here. The fact that I'm so small means that people tend to ignore me which helps even more.51
How observant of you!48
try get rid of them. When they discovered him to be weak they turned against him too. Thus causing an even larger mess.41
Word has it that you're trying to get the blackjack man to change his kit.18
Hah! Did you see the face on the blackjack seller! Ha boyo! I had to move quick to get out of the way of his blackjack.16
I'm not little and if you say that again I'll gut you.13
I'll let you off this once. Well what do you want? Information?12
Ya he nearly did. Boyo, does my head still hurt.11
Barely, the trick is in moving with the blow.11
Pity, maybe we can do it again sometime.2
Here I go what? You haven't got any money!1
I've heard that before. If you don't give me the money, you will be sorry.1
Seeing as you owe me from the last bit of work we did together this is going to cost you 300 gold.1