Me? I'm Wonny. Just a lonely werewolf keeping to himself. I mean no twouble.7
I know... My fwiend dared me to come down here. Said I wasn't bwave enough. He was wight...7
Yes, I'm a cowardly dog, alwight! My fwiends call me Stwong Wonny as a joke. It isn't weally funny though.5
Well, that's the thing.5
I can't twust myself. I have a hunger that I stwuggle to contwol once twansformed.5
Well that's pwetty wude. I twy to be an upstanding citizen... Only a little killing! And only if they deserve it.5
I only planned to look awound, but I got all lost and found myself face to face with a demon. I wan and wan and stopped here for a dwink but it's too dirty.5
I know her type. One of them hangs out near Canifis and he's always boasting about being the only demon in Mowytania as the others all wan away.5
Thanks for the diwections, I'll west here a little longer though.5
Wait, don't go!4
Oh, okay then.4