How's it going?5,754
Well ok, this is what I have learned since I last spoke to you...2,221
Hey, I'll tell you what I've learned. That may help.2,196
Okay, I'll tell you my latest notes...1,327
I can't do anything unless I find my special cup.1,113
My special cup. I won it for a particularly good find last month.1,109
I sure will!1,098
All I remember is that I was working near the tents when I lost it.1,036
Well... Maybe I will if you help me with something.1,036
I have lost my recent good find.1,034
Err... Like an animal skull!1,032
It was around here for sure. Maybe someone picked it up?1,023
I can if you help me...1,022
I have lost my teddy bear. He was my lucky mascot.1,020
Well, I was doing a lot of walking that day... Oh yes, that's right - we were studying ceramics in fact, near the edge of the digsite.1,018
Oh wow! You've found it! Thank you so much. I'll be glad to tell you what I know about the exam.1,013
Excellent! I'm so happy. Let me now help you with your exams...1,011
Hey! My lucky mascot! Thanks ever so much. Let me help you with those questions now.1,009
Oh, hi again. Did you bring me the opal?1,004
Oh great! Thanks!1,001
Wow, great, you've found one. This will look beautiful set in my necklace. Thanks for that; now I'll tell you what I know...988
What, you want more help?986
Well... It's going to cost you...986
I'll tell you what I would like: a precious stone. I don't find many of them. My favourites are opals; they are beautiful.984
Well, I have seen people get them from panning occasionally.977
The proper health and safety points are: Leather gloves and boots to be worn at all times; proper tools must be used.910
The study of Earth Sciences is: The study of the earth, its contents and history.802
The people eligible to use the digsite are: All that have passed the appropriate Earth Sciences exams.795
Finds handling: Finds must be carefully handled, and gloves worn.774
Sample preparation: Samples cleaned, and carried only in specimen jars.771
Specimen brush use: Brush carefully and slowly using short strokes.746
I found some pottery that seemed to match the design on those large urns.737
The proper technique for handling bones is: Handle bones carefully and keep them away from other samples.732
Correct sample transportation: Samples taken in rough form; kept only in sealed containers.719
Correct rock pick usage: Always handle with care; strike the rock cleanly on its cleaving point.718
Just like me! Tee hee hee!701
I was in the process of checking this out, and when we got back to the centre my lucky mascot had gone!675
I'm getting there. Have you found my special cup yet?38
Oh dear, I hope it didn't fall into the stream; I might never find it again.37
Thanks a lot for finding my special cup. See you again.20
Very well thanks. Have you found my animal skull yet?18
Hi. The opal looks magnificent. Thanks for everything you've done for me.16
Oh well, tell me when you do. Remember that they can be found around the digsite; perhaps try panning the river.15
Oh well, I am sure it's been picked up. Couldn't you try looking through some pockets?15
Hey it's the great explorer! Thanks a lot for the help earlier!14
Oh, hi again. News of your find has spread fast; you are quite famous around here now.11
Hi there. I'm studying for the Earth Sciences exam.11
Hi there! Thanks again. Hey, maybe I'll be asking you for help next time. It seems you are something of an expert now!9
It's beautiful, but I couldn't possibly accept it.4
Very well thanks. Have you found my lucky mascot yet?3
I'm sure it's just outside the digsite somewhere...3
Thanks for your help; I'll pass these exams yet! See you later.3
Oh dear, no it's not.3
I've already got mine, thanks. That must be someone else's.2
Oh, hi. I'm studying hard for an exam.2
It's the Earth Sciences exam.2
It's beautiful, but I couldn't accept another one.1
Uh? That's not mine!1