I hear you are the human that Veldaban has employed to help rebuild the statue. How is that going?10
Veldaban is in my employ.10
Then I bid you farewell, human.4
Veldaban told me about your involvement in the rebuilding of the statue. Congratulations.4
Apart from the statue of King Alvis falling down, you mean? I don't know. There is something suspicious about the whole case.4
We've had several incidents recently. For a while we even closed off the city. And now this.4
I am Bisi. I am the Supreme Commander of the Black Guard.3
Only of our regiment in Keldagrim, and a most honourable position it is as well.3
But the Black Guard has many regiments across the dwarven realm. All the Commanders of those regiments report to me.3
That's good to hear.2
The Red Axe has withdrawn from the city to some unknown location. I believe Commander Veldaban has asked you to assist him in finding their secret headquarters?1