Hi. How can I help?1,094
Why, certainly my friend. However, owning such an item makes you part of an elite group and wearing it will double the speed of your hitpoints replenishing.932
Such a privilege will cost you 99,000 coins.800
Wear this cape in good health, my friend.799
You look healthy to me!248
I'm sorry you feel that way. Still if you change your mind...43
Most certainly, and free of charge!43
Of course!36
Yes I do. Thankfully we can cope with almost anything. Jaraah really is a wonderful surgeon, his methods are a little unorthodox but he gets the job done.22
I work here, so yes!18
You're silly!17
Certainly! Skillcapes are a symbol of achievement. Only people who have mastered a skill and reached level 99 can get their hands on them and gain the benefits they carry.16
The Cape of Hitpoints doubles the speed of your hitpoints replenishing when worn. Is there anything else I can help you with?16
Unfortunately all Skillcapes are only available with a free hood, it's part of a skill promotion deal; buy one get one free, you know. So you'll need to free up some inventory space before I can sell you one.13
I shouldn't tell you this but his nickname is 'The Butcher'.10
I'm sorry, I can't sell you one here. Try talking to me later.1
Sorry, I'm not on duty.1