Do you really wish to die so readily? Are you prepared to face your death?904
Hah! Come for my Aphro-Dizzy-Yak spell! Want someone to fall madly in love with you, eh? Not surprised with a face like that, to be honest!892
Really? Well, with ears like that, you do surprise me!891
Really? Well then, let me see it!889
Of all the luck!887
Hah! Don't presume to think that those wizards in their fancy tower are the only people to have heard of Runecrafting! Now pay attention!885
Take this metal wand. You will also need 15 chaos runes. When you get to the Chaos Altar, use the wand on the altar itself. This should infuse the runes into the wand.884
I'm afraid I don't know. You will need to search for one.884
I will only need a couple of items. The first is very simple: an ordinary bowl to use as a casting vessel.881
It is an old tome...a history book of sorts. It's somewhere here in the library. I forget where I left it, but it should be easy enough for you to find.879
My secret is this. I have been spending time here in the palace library trying to discover some ancient spells and magics.878
None of your business! It's a secret!877
Of course. Hmmm. However, I could let you in on another secret, if you like?875
I am a Dagon'hai! I run from nothing. My spell has been completed and it is time for you to meet your end, %USERNAME%! The king is now under my control!819
So! You're with the Secret Guard, eh? I should have known! I knew you had ugly ears from the start...and your nose is too short!818
Never! I am Surok Magis, descendant of the High Elder Sin'keth Magis, rightful heir of the Dagon'hai Order! I will have my revenge on those who destroyed my people!816
Excellent! Well done! I knew that you would not let me down.808
All in good time. I must prepare the spell first, and that will take a little time. While I am doing that, please take this letter to Rat, the trader outside the city who sent you here.807
Yes, yes, yes. Now off you go!807
No! All is lost! I must escape!805
No! My plans have been ruined! I was so close to success!799
In my research, I have uncovered a most astounding spell that will allow me to transform simple clay into solid gold bars!703
Bring the infused wand and a bowl back to me and I will make us both rich!618
The other item is much harder. I need a metal wand infused with chaos magic.615
You will need to have the 15 chaos runes in your inventory. Make sure you also have either a chaos talisman or chaos tiara to complete the infusion.615
I have also given you a copy of a diary I...uh...acquired. It may also help you to find that which you seek.615
You should be able to find one of these at any local store here in Varrock. I would go myself but I am...uh...busy with my research.610
One more thing. I have uncovered information here in the library which may be of use to you. It tells of a safe route to the Chaos Altar that avoids the Wilderness.599
Now I am ready to use the spell to create all the gold I...uh...the city wants. I would gladly share this gold with you; I simply need a few more things!564
You have foiled my plans, %USERNAME%... I obviously underestimated you.468
What do you want? ...Oh, wait. I know! You're probably just like all the others, aren't you? After some fancy spell or potion from me, I bet!142
Hah! I knew it! I expect you want my Aphro-Dizzy- Yak spell! Want someone to fall madly in love with you, eh?105
Can't you see I'm very busy here? Be off with you!87
Well, I see that you do have some manners. I'm glad to see that you use them.84
My slave will destroy you, %USERNAME%!79
Now, if it's all the same, I am very busy at the moment. Unless you want something specific, please come back another time.67
Ah! You're back. Have you found the things I need yet?54
It's a very big secret!54
Er, yes! It's...54
Yes. Look, it's big, alright? Now listen and I'll tell you.54
Never you mind! It's a secret!37
Of course. Hmmm. However, I could let you in on a secret, if you like?37
No, it looks like you still need to find me a bowl first. An ordinary bowl. You can get one from one of the stores around here.34
Of course. What would you like to know?23
Oh, it's you again! Well, what is it this time?21
Hah! There are plenty of things I need done, but something tells me you're not quite ready for them right now. Come back another time!18
Fair enough. Go then. I expect you have a lot of work to do!13
Oh really? And what makes you think you have even the slightest chance of doing that?13
Enough! You have been of use to me before but now you are wasting my time! Be gone!13
Sin'keth Magis? From what I have read, it would appear he was a great leader of the Dagon'hai Mages.11
Hmph! If you read the diary or perused that tome I mentioned, you would know who they are.11
No. Not at all. Purely coincidence! Now, haven't you got work to do already?11
Look, I am very busy so please come back another time! And, no, your gold isn't ready yet! These spells take time.9
I could tell you, of course; I know more or less exactly where it is. However, that would take all the fun out of this, wouldn't it?9
No, I think you should see if you can find it for yourself. I have given you the diary and, along with the tome around here, you should be able to find that alternate route easily enough on your own!9
I told you, you can deliver that letter for me to the trader, Rat. He's the man who sent you here in the first place, remember?9
How I came to have the diary is of no concern to you!8
I suggest that you concentrate on getting the things I need and stop asking pointless questions!8
You want another copy of the diary?7
Very well, then. I hope these other matters of 'great' importance outweigh the need to make a LOT of gold. A WHOLE lot of gold. Gold. Yes, gold.7
Get out of my sight then!6
Other than that, I am very busy so please come back another time! And, no, your gold isn't ready yet!5
Dramatic effect.5
Like I said, it's lying around here in the library somewhere. It should be easy enough to find.5
You will need the 15 chaos runes in your inventory. Make sure you also have either a chaos talisman or chaos tiara to complete the infusion.5
Somehow, I knew that would happen so I have made a few spares for just such an occasion!4
Here you are. Try not to lose this one!4
Well, I can give you a couple of things, but you must have 2 spaces free in your inventory first! Speak to me again when you do.4
No thanks, I don't need that.4
Hah! And what would make him believe you? They would think it was a fake! Besides, if you still want the gold I promised, you would do well to deliver that letter for me. Join me and together we can rule Misthalin!4
Fine, but this diary is important you know! It has secrets that you should not share around with just anybody!3
Hang on! I can see the last copy I gave you in your inventory there! You don't need another one!3
I am sure you will.3
Bring the infused wand and a bowl to me and I will make us both rich!3
You still don't have enough space in your inventory. You must have 2 free spaces. Speak to me again when you do.2
Hmmmm. That all depends on how quickly you get me that infused wand! Work fast and well for me, %USERNAME%, and I will make you rich, famous and powerful!2
That depends.2
On how soon you stop yapping and get me that wand! Now get moving!2
You fool! You are no match for my power! You don't have the means to stop me! Get out of my sight!1
If that is your only concern, then yes, you do. But I must warn you, my patience with you is wearing thin. So go now and do my bidding!1
Hah! You've lost it already? You can't get good help these days!1
As you must! Now be off with you! I'm busy studying here!1
Yes, I just gave that to you. Don't break it already!1
That is not your concern! I am Surok Magis and I am more powerful than you can possibly imagine!1
You get to live. For now.1
Ah, yes. The gold. Don't you worry, I am still working on that. Just deliver my letter for me, first. Now be off!1
My, my! How heroic! Not that it matters. I don't need you for my plans. However, if you want this gold, then you would do well to do as you are told.1