Let me see that, I want to be sure it's authentic.1,220
I haven't actually been in Rellekka yet...1,141
Maybe... who is asking? You're an outerlander, aren't you?1,140
Well, I'm not actually sure if I should go in there, you see.1,136
I've always been told that the people of Rellekka are ignorants, almost as bad as other outerlanders. I think they might kill me if I go there.1,129
Yes, but you're on your own, they have a whole village.1,124
I won't go in there unless I know it's safe.1,063
You? But you're an outerlander! You'd probably lead me to a cave to kill me yourself!1,063
Okay, this looks valid enough. I'll go and talk to Brundt.880
So I don't want to go in there, but I don't want to go back to the camp and tell Hamal that I didn't dare to go to Rellekka either.802
Yes, that will do.732
None of your business! Leave me alone!110
Weren't you on your way to get me a guarantee of safe passage into Rellekka?104
No I'm not! Now leave me alone!103
I'll go in there, don't worry. I'm just waiting for the right moment.73
You can go back to Hamal to tell him I'm on my way.57
Not all of us are warriors.56
Some of us are schooled in the fine art of diplomacy.50
In that case I'm staying right here. I don't have the authority to trade away our rock.17
What, you broke our stone in two?17
Besides, it's ours and he can't have it.14
You'd better have the permission of Hamal to do this, outerlander.14
I'm now the official liaison between Rellekka and our camp. It involves a fair bit of walking around, you know.5