Yessss, adventurer?71
They are my sssaviours, I owe them my life.38
Why, yesss it isss... Many yearsss ago now, 30? 40? I've lost count.38
I wasss a Captain of the Shayzien Watch, Captain Reynard Koil, ssstationed up on Shayziens' wall.37
We were told to attack the Lizardmen, for they were apparently attacking usss. I led the charge.35
Alasss, I took an arrow to the eye and missed the battle, I woke up here, worried for my life.34
At first, that isss what I thought, but they tended my woundsss and fed me well.33
Oh yesss, once my ssstrength returned, I went and ssspoke to the Shayzien Watch.33
They thought I wasss a Lizardman and fired arrowsss at me, ssso I returned here.33
I assssumed my people would come for me once they sssaw my body wasn't amongssst the dead, but they never did.32
You do not recognissse it, adventurer? It would ssseem hissstory is written by the winnersss, for that isss the sssymbol of the Great Lord Xeric.26
Or at leassst, that isss what the Lizardmen tell me...26
Goodbye, adventurer.24
I found these in thisss shrine, I guesss they belonged to sssome long dead priest.21
As do you, adventurer.20
This grossss ssswamp is my home, you sssure do ask a lot of questionsss, adventurer.20
Oh, that wasss a lifetime ago... Sssuch a wonderful little one.1
Lassst I heard, her mind had cracked, her father died and...1