W-what...? I don't believe it! How did you...? I suppose it doesn't matter, you have my gratitude outerlander!521
I have already told you outerlander; I will not exchange it for anything other than a divination on the weather from our seer himself!516
You wish to stop being an outerlander? I can understand that! I have no reason why I would prevent you becoming a Fremennik...473
Well, I serve our clan as a navigator. The seas can be a fearful place when you know not where you are heading.472
Ah, a simple task! Below this building I have constructed a maze; should you be able to walk from one side to the other that will be proof to me.468
I will warn you outerlander, this maze was designed by myself, and is of the most fiendish complexity!458
Outerlander! You have finished my maze! I am genuinely impressed!435
Of course outerlander! I am nothing if not a man of my word!405
With this forecast I will be able to plan a safe course for our next raiding expedition!391
...but you must first pass a little test for me to prove you are worthy.382
Should something happen to me, all members of our tribe have some basic sense of direction so that they may always return safely home.376
You wish to try my challenge?373
Here, outerlander; you may take my map of local fishing patterns with my gratitude!351
If you are able to demonstrate to me that you too have a good sense of direction then I will recommend you to the rest of the council of elders immediately.334
Greetings outerlander.319
Hmmm? Why of course! As the navigator for the Fremennik I keep all of our maps secure right here.224
Have it? Just like that? I think not outerlander. This map shows all of the prime fishing locations nearby.224
A trade? For a map of the best fishing spots in a hundred leagues? I will trade it for no less than a weather forecast from our Seer.223
I just told you: from the Seer. You will need to persuade him to take the time to make a forecast somehow.220
It is very valuable to our clan. I am afraid I can not just give it away.186
As a navigator, the weather is extremely important for plotting the best course. Unfortunately the Seer is always too busy to help me with a forecast.180
Greetings again outerlander! I must say, I am still impressed with the way you moved through my maze!67
Decided you could not solve my labyrinth after all, did you outerlander? Too tricky for you?63
Absolutely! You will be an asset to the clan!60
I am afraid not outerlander.43
Hahahaha it is the most complex route I have ever devised! I am truly a genius at navigation! The world will remember my name!35
No, you cannot. It is my maze, or nothing.33
Uh... from the Seer perhaps?30
Hahaha! Don't worry outerlander, you are not the first to fail it's puzzle!23
Er... from Askeladden, maybe?14
Have you no manners outerlander? This is my home, you will show me the due respect!13
I am fine too!11
Greetings to you sister %FREMENNIK_NAME%! How fare you today?9
Well, I am sorry you feel that way outerlander. I cannot vouch for you until you prove to me you have some skill that will benefit our clan somehow.2
Greetings to you brother Denkar! How fare you today?1
Greetings to you brother Darvald! How fare you today?1
Um... from the longhalls' barkeep?1
Greetings to you brother Dalkir Drapare! How fare you today?1
Leave exile, before I alert the guards.1
Hello outerlander. This is my home, I would be grateful if you would leave.1
I am sorry outerlander, I will not offer you hospitality until my Chieftain has vouched for your honesty. This is our way.1
Hmmm? Well, firstly it will be of value to our entire clan, so I have lost nothing from giving it to you.1
Greetings to you brother Doktin Drapare! How fare you today?1
What exactly is a 'lab rat' anyway?1
Begone exile, before I call the Fremennik guards!1