Excellent work, %USERNAME%! Now, that giant will likely have friends. It is too dangerous to leave that stalk up there like that.1,002
First, let me take that goblin from you. Next we need to cut down that beanstalk as soon as possible. I hope you're a good woodcutter!1,002
Have you cut down the stalk?997
Good work, %USERNAME%! At last we can relax. We've completed our task and you have done me a great service!994
Now, let me reward you. You may have wondered what possible use I could have had for Rupert's helmet.993
Ah, yes! However, tucked inside the helmet is a tiny bottle with a very special potion. It was made by a witch, here in Taverley, but Rupert must have found it.993
Relax, my friend. This potion is almost harmless. It is actually a particularly strong hair-tonic.991
Yes, indeed! I also imagine poor Rupert never understood why his beard grew so alarmingly fast. Poor lad.990
Find an axe. Any axe should do. Then cut down that stalk as soon as you can before another giant finds out what you have done and comes for us!731
Not knowing what the potion was, he simply tucked it away in his helmet.723
Oh, well done! You do pay attention! Good luck!715
Well, you're probably going to have to kill him for it. But...but a big strong adventurer like yourself shouldn't have any trouble whatsoever with that, I'm sure!713
Oh right, sorry. Must have slipped my mind. There's a bit of a large-ish giant up there. Uh...shouldn't be anything to worry about. But...uh...I think he might have the goblin, you see.710
Yes, that's right. The giant.709
Exactly right! You've got it. Now did I mention about the giant?708
That's right. They turned on him. No-one is sure about the exact events, but somehow Gubblebak fell into one of the smelting pots of liquid gold.707
Well now, goblins are tough little creatures and he managed to somehow crawl out of the pot covered in hot, molten gold.706
That's right. And that's the way he stayed ever afterwards. So the legend says, at least. And the cloud area will be waiting for you when you have planted the beans to find this golden goblin.704
Ahh, well you see...when you take hot liquid metal and cool it instantly, it becomes rock hard straight away. That's how blacksmiths make their weapons and armour.703
When the beans are planted and watered, they will grow into an enormous plant of some sort. I'm not sure what exactly. At the top of this plant is our prize.702
The ultimate collectible item, my dear friend. It is rumoured that in a land of clouds where none dare to tread lest they plummet to the earth, lies a goblin made of gold...702
Yes. Yes, indeed! A golden goblin. Legend tells of a time when goblins discovered gold in an abandoned dwarf mine and began to mine and smelt it. What for, nobody knows. Something evil, I'd wager.702
Excellent, %USERNAME%! I'll take that as well. I hope all this work wasn't too difficult.700
Actually, the beans are almost worthless.700
Calm down, my young, hot-headed friend. There was a good reason for getting these beans.700
Anyway, I have removed the potion now and you may keep the helmet along with your rewards. Don't worry, it's quite harmless and the helmet should help you in your adventures.699
Goodness me! I'm glad I sent you instead of going myself.699
Er...I mean...I knew sending you was the right thing to do. I was sure you could handle anything that came up. Now then, the beans...699
Excellent, excellent! Best of luck then, my friend. I'll be right here waiting for you to return.664
Ahhh, good day young adventurer. A good day indeed! Sylas is the name. It is lucky for you that you met me.635
Well it just so happens, %USERNAME%, that I have something you simply must have!625
Beans, my friend! Beans!622
Ahhh, but not beans like this, young %USERNAME%. No, not at all! These are 'magic' beans.622
An excellent question! Excellent indeed! What do they do? What do they do? Yes, yes! A most excellent question!618
You must plant them in the ground. Water them well. Then the magic will work, it'! Plant them, %USERNAME%.612
All in good time, my excitable young friend. All in good time.611
Ah, well you see now I am a collector of rare and unusual trinkets and objects. Not much in value, but very important to me.605
Well, there are two. The first item should be nice and simple for you to get for me. I want a griffin feather. Now, this is not just any feather, this one is special.604
Right, well I think that for magic beans, I will need something magical back and I know of just the right items that would help my collection.603
There is a griffin named Grimgnash who lives in a nest on one of the peaks of White Wolf Mountain. It is one of his feathers that I want.603
Yes! Excellent! You do catch on quick! I can see that we will become great business partners indeed. Oh, yes. Yes indeed! Hmm-ha! Yes.601
As I said before, these beans are magical. There is a specially prepared mound of earth to the south-east of Taverley. 497
He worked his fellow goblins day and night to produce more and more gold, until finally they could stand his hard labour no more and they mutinied.497
Now that you have proven yourself worthy of being a competent and trustworthy treasure collector, I can tell the real use for the beans.492
The goblins produced great smelting works, overseen by a particularly smart goblin with a head for business. Gubblebak was his name. He was shrewd, cunning and he loved gold...484
Here are the beans as promised.474
He was smart indeed, but even smart people do foolish things. He threw himself into a nearby water trough.471
Plant the beans there and then be sure to water them well. You will need to have some knowledge of farming for this.463
Few things in this world are free, you know, and beans - magical or otherwise - are no exception!446
But although this task should be easy, you must be careful %USERNAME%. Grimgnash has a very bad temper and even sharper claws!423
Ah! Good work. Let me take that from you then.397
Of course. Go ahead.325
I still need you to find Rupert the Beard's Helmet for me.244
Right, well, the second item is this. I know of a dwarf named Rupert the Beard who has a very fine dwarven helmet. I'd like you to see if you can obtain it for me.186
Travel north-east from here and between the Goblin Village and Ice Mountain you will find Rupert in a tower there.183
Excellent! Yes, yes. Now was there anything else?180
Haha! Weird items? Oh yes. Yes indeed! Yes. Many items. Many items. Yes.97
Hmm. Well let's see now. I have the second eye of a mutant two-eyed cyclops. That was a rare find indeed! And at a tidy price too!97
Whatever do you mean? How many mutant two-eyed cyclops do you think there are out there? Not many, I'd wager!96
Ah, well I'm glad you asked. My most prized possession to date: Through my connections, I managed to acquire a horn-less Unicorn!94
Yes. Yes indeed! Indeed yes! And I'm very proud of it, too! It was an exceptionally lucky find, I must say!93
Of course. Was there anything else you wanted?92
You've forgotten already? Did you get hit on the head by that giant? Do you have amnesia?80
I told you, %USERNAME%. It is for my collection of magical items and trinkets, weird and wonderful thereof.72
Yes, I was quite happy with that word. I think it went rather well in that last sentence, don't you?72
Yes. Excellent! Yes. there anything else?72
I see.66
Ah, %USERNAME%! Good to see you again.59
Thanks to you finding the golden goblin for me, I am the envy of the collector's group. I can't thank you enough.59
Can't talk! Things to collect, magic beans to plant!59
When he's not chewing on some poor soul's bones or raining terror on an unsuspecting village, he can be found in his nest, atop White Wolf Mountain.49
Oh, I daresay he has to eat sometimes. But I don't think he'd take too much fancy for you. Not much meat on you at all. Oh dear me, no!49
I'm sure it was meant to be! Don't worry, %USERNAME%, you'll be fine. Now was there anything else?45
Not to worry, %USERNAME% Go and speak to Rupert. These items have a strange way of returning to their owners sometimes!30
No, no. Thanks for everything you've done!24
Oh, well done! You do pay attention well! Good luck!7
Hello again! I still have these beans for you.6
Hmm, have you climbed up the stalk yet?5
These beans are still for sale if you want them.4
Very well. Did you find the giant?3
Excellent! You're halfway done, %USERNAME%. Let me take that from you. Now I still need Grimgnash's feather, of course.3
Well? Are you going to find me these items to trade for the magic beans?3
Great work, %USERNAME%. Now, I have something for you, but you're going to need a space in your inventory. Speak to me again when you have made some room.3
Ah! Come back for the beans, eh? Couldn't resist the magic, I expect. They're still available.2
Well now, that is indeed extremely interesting! I remember finding something just like that a little while back. Perhaps it's still in my collection? Let me see...2
Right then. Did you defeat him and find the golden goblin?2
Excellent! Well done. Now bring me the golden goblin and we're almost done.2
Well, I expect it will still be waiting up there for you when you go back up. It's highly unlikely anyone would risk going up there to steal it.2
I'm sure it was meant to be! Don't worry, Whats1000- 7, you'll be fine. Now was there anything else?1
He wasn't there? This is highly irregular. Are you sure you looked properly? I expect he'd be hard to miss.1
I'm sure it was meant to be! Don't worry, machoman- 49, you'll be fine. Now was there anything else?1
Excellent, 94sl71aMwKbs! I'll take that as well. I hope all this work wasn't too difficult.1
Excellent work, 94sl71aMwKbs! Now, that giant will likely have friends. It is too dangerous to leave that stalk up there like that.1
Good work, 94sl71aMwKbs! At last we can relax. We've completed our task and you have done me a great service!1
Right, then you will need to climb the stalk and find the golden goblin for me.1
I think a big giant has it at the top of the stalk. You will need to get it from him.1