Thank you Bwana. Now I must prepare for my next hunt.1,642
Very well, but you must not interfere.1,363
Let me guess - you want me to skin that monkey. Very well: I shall, since you have assisted me.1,206
When the gods bless me with success. You may join me on my next hunt, but you may not take part.1,196
I feel agile enough to finally match the Shaikahan!1,186
Then know this, stranger.1,180
No! Your pitiful whining tires me. Now let me prepare.1,179
What do you want, stranger?1,168
Welcome back to Tai Bwo Wannai, stranger.1,163
And neither do we, thanks to you. My father has requested I give you something of value.1,163
I cannot do enough damage with this spear... 1,148
This is the one thing I can give. My family have honoured me with this spear. But the honour is truly yours.1,144
Take care, Bwana.1,126
... and it seems to be healing too quickly!1,040
I did it! I, Tamayu, first son of Timfraku, did slay the Shaikahan!972
Stranger, why you have returned?949
Using your new found poison I have been creating spears. Would you like to buy some?932
Yes. Go on ahead without me. I have further matters to attend to here.883
I have not much of worth to give, apart from my fighting technique.847
I vow upon the blood of my fallen kin that I shall not set foot in that godforsaken village till I have slain the Shaikahan.846
The deaths of my kin have been avenged. You are my witness.829
I will meet you in the village once you have helped my brothers and spoken to my father.714
Shaikhan is at present far too agile for me!632
I simply cannot match the Shaikahan's agility!626
Since before I was born, stranger. It is my destiny.168
You offer to kill the beast for me? Stop this nonsense, lest I kill you first. It is I who must avenge the death of my kin.152
A source of indescribable evil. A beast more foul than your dreams could imagine. It hunts the jungle for anything foolish enough to cross its path.111
It stands a full man's length in height. Its fore claws are sharp enough to rip through metal. In its eyes glow the embers of death.109
As you wish, stranger.73
I can do enough damage ... 59
I'm not going to skin that! In the jungle, we help only those who help us.54
I have matched the Shaikahan in agility! He can no longer avoid my strikes!51
... and it does seem extremely sick!43
I am beginning to match Shaikahan's agility!35
Get out of my way! Argh! I'm hunting!30
I have no need for that now.27
I have no interest in your weapons right now. Only slaying the Shaikahan.24
Move, lest I slay not the beast but you!23
Die! Die!!19
I feel much more agile, but I am not sure whether I can match the Shaikahan...17
... but it seems to be healing too quickly!14
I have no interest in your potions right now. Only slaying the Shaikahan.12
Oh Bwana, I am sorry but you do not have enough space for my gift.9
... but it does seem extremely sick!7
Bwana, I feel more than agile enough to slay the Shaikahan.5
... and it does seem quite sick! Perhaps another poison would be more effective?5
That is but an illusion. I still feel his evil in the wind. I must kill the Shaikahan myself.3
Thank you Bwana, but I have all the seaweed I need.2