I'm fine, I'm fine. Just a scratch.360
Well, I'm not sure. First of all there's something odd about the doors on the place.290
I don't think he likes people. However he does allow you to enter some of the rooms in the tomb. They are dangerous though.273
There are also lots of poisonous snakes in the urns. They'll bite you if they can. You might be able to charm them if you know how. I'd bring some antipoison anyway if I were you.264
Well, if you go into that pyramid then you'll be laughing a lot then. It's full of poisonous snakes and scarabs, and rather nasty Mummies as well. You could die in there.263
There are lots of artefacts, you should be able to sell them on the black market, I mean, to a legitimate trader, for some money.250
There's four of them - but three of them lead to an empty tomb.248
Well, he's as 'legitimate' as you can get, if you can get out of this city and get to him.243
The other one is guarded by something - I keep getting knocked out.242
I have heard a rumour that there is a valuable magic sceptre in there as well.242
But which door the right one is seems to change, it's all quite confusing.241
Not a lot. It is apparently made of gold and covered in jewels, and used to be owned by one of Tumeken's sons.236
Tumeken, the sun god and head of the gods. His sons were the rulers, chosen by him to rule in his name.235
Hmmm. Well it is supposed to have some magical powers.229
I'll let you know when I find it!229
If I make it through the door there's a Mummy waiting.227
Hey! If you find it I deserve a share of the profits! You wouldn't have known it existed without my help.225
I managed to get into one room, but the next room was harder. My lockpicking skills weren't good enough, maybe I should have brought a lockpick.219
I've been investigating that pyramid over there.45
Me? I'm Tarik.38
It was a present, my employer thought it would suit me. I'm not sure it does, though it does keep the sun off very well.36
Simon Templeton, though I haven't seen him since the town gates were closed off.36
He's an archaeologist, I worked as an assistant for him. Though I work for myself now.35
Simon suggested that there might be riches to be found in that pyramid over there.34
I see you've found some artefacts, where's my cut?23
I'll be waiting...22
Wow. It looks very valuable. You come to give me my share?1
Hey, that's not fair. I told you about it!1