Hello old bean. Is there something I can help you with?77
It's really quite simple. Just walk down to that tree on the bank and chop it down.46
Of course there are other canoes.43
My personal favourite is the Stable Dugout canoe. A finer craft you'll never see old bean!42
When you have done that you can shape the log further with your axe to make a canoe.41
A Stable Dugout canoe will take you pretty much the length of the Lum river.40
My name is Tarquin Marjoribanks.19
It's pronounced 'Marchbanks'!18
Oh yes! Quite closely actually.18
I'd be surprised if you haven't already heard of me?17
I'm canoeing on the river! It's enormous fun! Would you like to know how?17
You should know of me because I am a member of the royal family of Misthalin!16
I'm his 4th cousin, once removed on his mothers side.16
Well ... erm. You seem to be able to make a Waka!14
I've only ever seen one man on the river who uses a Waka. A big, fearsome looking fellow up near Edgeville.14
How should I know? I would not consort with such a base fellow!14
People say he was born in the Wilderness and that he is looking for a route back.13
I'm sure you can build a Dugout canoe. Not as fine as a Stable Dugout but it will carry you 2 stops on the river.11
Well, you're just an itinerant adventurer!11
Ah! Perfect! You can make a Stable Dugout canoe! One of those will carry you to any civilised place on the river.10
You seem to be quite handy with an axe though!10
I should imagine it would suit your limited means.10
What possible reason would you have for cluttering up my river with your inferior water craft!10
Unfortunately, you don't have the skill to create anything more than one of those logs. I dare say it will only get 1 stop down the river!9
Do not profane the royal house of Varrock by engaging me in further discourse you knave!9
Further up river, near the Barbarian Village, I saw some darned fool 'canoeing' on a log!8
Still, I'm sure it will satisfy one such as yourself.8
If you were of good pedigree I'd let you join my boat club. You seem to be one of those vagabond adventurers though.8
Be off with you rogue!8
Well, you don't look like you have the skill to make a canoe.3
You need to have at least level 12 woodcutting.3
Once you are able to make a canoe it makes travel along the river much quicker!3