Really! Fantastic! Oh, I'm so grateful! Thanks so much! How ever can I repay you?1,121
I'll do better than that! I'll show you how to make an airtight pot! First of all, you'll need some's some I have spare!1,121
Ok then, just use it on the wheel over there!1,119
Now, while pots are quite easy to make, lids are a bit different. They have to be quite precise to fit the pot exactly, which is why you have to be quite experienced to make them.817
I beg your pardon!745
Who on earth do you think you are coming in here demanding an airtight pot...Can't you see that I have my own worries to think about?745
Well, if you must know, I'm working all the hours that Saradomin sends, I have to in order to make enough money to pay that loan shark Hammerspike!745
Well, that may be, but I have a rush order for a top paying customer that's going to keep Hammerspike off my back for a bit. 745
I took over this abandoned pottery place with a loan from Hammerspike. He's demanding payment and I can barely just make the interest payments. 743
Well, that would be really great...I just hope he doesn't grind you into flour to make his bread, he's one of the most ruthless gangsters in the area. 735
Really, you will?734
He's in the dwarven mines somewhere, not sure exactly where though.734
Beware, his guards are incredibly loyal, they'll slit their own throats to protect him!564
I'm working as hard as I can but I'll never pay the loan off at this rate!559
If you really want that pot, you're going to have to deal with Hammerspike in the dwarven mines!547
Please feel free to use the pottery wheel, I won't be using it all the time. Put your pots in the kiln when you've made one.333
And make sure you tidy up after yourself!287
So I see. What's the problem? Did you sort out Hammerspike?49
Go talk to Hammerspike in the Dwarven mines and see if you can get him to leave me alone...I won't be able to make you the airtight pot else.46
Oh, well that's a real shame, I was hoping you could have sorted out that Hammerspike for me once and for all!4