Oh, hello. Have you got something you want preserving?461
There you go!411
Give it to me to look at then.336
I can preserve that for you for 50,000 coins.259
Preserving insects is always tricky. I'll have to be careful...232
That must be the biggest kalphite I've ever seen!202
Don't point that thing at me!45
That's not the most impressive head I've seen but I think I can just about manage this one.43
I can preserve that for you for 2,500 coins.37
If you bring me a monster head or a very big fish, I can preserve it for you so you can mount it in your house.34
I hear there are all sorts of exotic creatures in the Slayer Tower -- I'd like a chance to stuff one of them!31
I can preserve that for you for 1,000 coins.27
That's a very fine crawling hand.23
That's quite a fearsome shark! You've done everyone a service by removing it from the sea!23
I can preserve that for you for 5,000 coins.23
A kurask? Splendid! Look at those horns!21
This blue dragon smells like it's been dead for a remarkably long time. Even by my standards, it smells awful.21
My, he's a scary-looking fellow, isn't he? He'll look good on your wall!19
I can preserve that for you for 4,000 coins.19
I can preserve that for you for 6,000 coins.19
Well, you go kill things so I can stuff them, eh?10
A cockatrice! Beautiful, isn't it? Look at the plumage!10
I can preserve that for you for 2,000 coins.10
Three?! This must be a King Black Dragon!8
I'll have to get out my heavy duty tools -- this skin's as tough as iron!7
This hydra looks like it might fall to pieces soon. I'll have to be careful to preserve it properly.5
Goodness, an abyssal demon!5
See how it's still glowing? I'll have to use some magic to preserve that.5
I can preserve that for you for 12,000 coins.5
Don't be silly, I can't preserve that!5
That's a mighty fine sea bass you've caught there.4
That's a pretty ordinary fish, isn't it? Not really worth preserving.3