Oh, hello surface-dweller. I'm afraid we're a bit busy cleaning specimens at the moment so I can't help you.987
Oh! In that case we could use your help.984
Here, take this trowel and specimen brush.982
Thank you, %USERNAME%!956
A mace?815
That's all the artefacts we needed to extract. Thanks again, %USERNAME%!799
There are some ancient goblin artefacts buried in the ground around here. We want to extract them, but we don't have much experience and could end up breaking them.723
Could you extract them, clean them, and then give them to me please?677
It looks like a fragment of armour.662
That confirms that our ancestors retained a lot of customs from the surface even after they came down here. Our guards didn't start wearing lighter chainmail until after the Civil War.607
It looks like a piece of a shield.606
I'm not sure. What do you think?581
It seems that even by the time of the Civil War, our ancestors were beginning to lose their skills at making weapons.573
I would guess that this shield was made during the Dorgeshuun Civil War and not handed down from the time on the surface.573
Now, the most interesting one is this ancient mace. It's the only intact weapon, and I'm pretty sure it dates back to the time when the Dorgeshuun were on the surface.572
It looks like a piece of a helmet.572
Our ancestors must have brought it down from the surface, then. There would be no need for them to make axes when they were down here, as there are no trees.566
I'm not sure. It's got some kind of blade... Is it a spear tip?562
It's... Actually, what is it? It's a sort of stick with a lump on the end.561
It's covered in symbols, but I can't decipher them. Zanik, could you take it to the scribe? He might know what they mean. I'll finish up the dig here.555
The early Dorgeshuun must have used a much larger variety of weapons than we do now.553
This was from the early days of Dorgesh-Kaan. It must have been before our ancestors' eyes reached their current size.547
It's amazing to think that we're handling objects that date back to the time of the war of the gods!540
Hello %USERNAME%! Thanks again for your help with the dig.116
I know. Zanik says she found it lying around in the caves near the city, almost as if it had made its way back here and wanted her to find it.70
Thanks for extracting that artefact, but you'll need to clean it as well.63
Look after it well. All the goblins who have handled it say it made them feel uneasy. We want it kept safe, but we don't want it near the city.60
If you want it back, I will sell it to you for 1,000 coins. That should discourage you from losing it again.54
How are you getting on with extracting the artefacts?48
Thanks for your help. There's not much left for us to do here except pack everything up. Have you shown that mace to the scribe yet?46
The helmet you helped to unearth has come in useful. I used it as a visual aid when I went to talk to the children in the nursery about our history.13
It's amazing that the ancient goblins' eyes were even smaller than a child's!12
Oldak examined the axe blade you dug up and found that it had a faint magical aura. It looks like the mace wasn't the only magical weapon our ancestors brought from the surface. 9
We used the armour fragment you unearthed to reconstruct the shape of the original armour, and with it the shape of the goblin who wore the armour.9
In fact, it could be that a lot of their equipment was magical. This means that either the ancient goblins were skilled magical craftsmen, or some other power was supplying them with magical equipment.8
This told us a lot about how the goblin body shape changed from its surface form to that of the cave goblins.7
Bartak used the design of the shield you extracted to recreate a shield like it. Even though the original shield was poorly made, the design itself was a good one.6
Perhaps there is some important knowledge that we have lost since the early, more war-like days of Dorgesh- Kaan.6
When we examined the sword you dug up, we found that the blade is covered in tiny symbols.6
The scribe thinks he has enough of them to begin understanding the ancient goblin language, but it will take a while for him to decipher them.4
Never mind. Have another one.3
What? No, extract the artefacts please.3
Here, use this brush to clean the artefact.1
Suit yourself.1
Good idea! Maybe Oldak can help you get there.1