Congratulations on solving this maze. If you talk to the guardian in the maze, he will take you to the next maze. Anything else you need to know?393
Greetings young one. What is it you wish to know?239
In this room you will see a maze within which one of my fellow Guardians has been turned to stone for the purposes of this exercise. You must move the statue using your telekinetic grab spell to the exit square at147
the edge of the maze to bring the Guardian back to life. Simply stand on the side that you wish for the statue to travel towards and cast the spell on the statue. Once you have solved the maze, the statue will change back129
into the Guardian and he will award you with Telekinetic Pizazz Points and teleport you to the next maze. You can switch to a better view of the maze by selecting the 'Observe' option on the statue and return116
your view to normal by selecting the same option again. There is also a 'Reset' option on the statue just in case things aren't going too well.114
As well as the experience in casting magic, you will get Telekinetic Pizazz Points for each maze successfully solved and bonus points for completing five mazes in a row without returning to the entrance.64
Use what you've learned, young one.62
Have a good look at the maze before you try to solve it because this can save you time and runes required to navigate the maze. Although you will still be getting magic experience for moving the statue incorrectly, you56
won't be progressing towards collecting Telekinetic Pizazz Points. Lastly, all the mazes can be solved in ten moves or less.42