Sure, I'll sell you some in your size for 12 gold.3,521
Was there anything else?3,226
Hello again traveller. What can I do for you?1,173
No milk today! Thank you!1,085
It has been a long time since someone has asked me about Trollweiss.1,085
Ahhh, the youth of today. So sure of their prowess. But who am I to stop you from walking into your doom, if that is what you wish to do!1,082
Well, you will need to enter the domain of the ice trolls! This is an area full of wicked beasts and biting cold. From there you will find a way down a slope to a plateau where the Trollweiss grows.1,082
There is maybe one thing...1,081
If you could make some sort of sled, you could probably get down there but I don't know where that would lead you, as you will not be able to go up the mountain again.1,081
Have you brought me the items I asked for?1,043
Hello. How can I help?1,034
Ah...Saba is still alive and kicking?1,034
That's Saba alright!1,034
Yes. My climbing boots need to have new spikes, so can you take them to Dunstan in Burthorpe? He always puts my spikes on for me.1,034
I don't get into town much and I'm getting low on supplies. I need ten loaves of bread and ten cooked trout, that should see me through the winter.1,033
Oh...OK. You'd better come in then.1,029
Yes, of course! I drew up a map in case I ever needed to use it again.1,029
Thank you very much traveller. I'm now ready for the winter!1,028
I don't think the Trolls have found the secret way yet, if they had I would've been attacked by now.1,028
You are wise for one so young.1,024
Well, I'm no expert. Maybe you should speak to someone who knows more about such technical stuff.1,023
Why don't you ask Dunstan. He's always helped me with my spiked boots.1,022
Thank you traveller!1,019
In the old days Trollweiss could be found all over the mountains, but recently it has been dissappearing!854
It used to be easy to get to this plateau, but it is now snowed over and virtually inaccessible. That's global warming for you!763
I do know of a secret way up to Death Plateau, the Imperial Guard would be able to use it at night and not be seen until it was too late!743
I'd be happy to show you it if you do something for me first.721
There is one place, where I am sure it still grows, but it is impossible to get to.697
Has Dunstan added spikes to my climbing boots yet?288
Well, when he has, bring the boots to me with ten loaves of bread and ten cooked trout. I have to prepare for the winter, after all.275
I used to take adventurers up Death Plateau and further north before the trolls came. I know these mountains well.56
We are expert guides that take adventurers, such as yourself, on mountaineering expeditions.47
Thanks, I built it myself! I'm usually self sufficient but I can't earn any money with the trolls camped on Death Plateau.40
To get back to Burthorpe follow the path going east.40
Let us hope so traveller!39
Where do you think you're going? This is private property!36
Pah, who are you to talk? Without me you would never have found the secret path to the plateau!!28
See you later19
I thought you were going to investigate the secret way to Death Plateau? Use the back door to my hut, hop over the stile and follow that path.16
Go in peace traveller.14
I wouldn't trust other boots not to fall apart. My own boots are sturdy enough for me. Take those to Dunstan and have him add the spikes himself.3
Hello traveller. Thanks again for the food and boots.2
These are expensive, do not lose another pair!1