Here you go.992
Oh it's you again. *She glances at you with barely disguised disdain.*876
Ah you, peasant. Felkrash wishes to speak with you.594
You should find her below in the pits.576
Have you spoken with Felkrash yet?493
Ah yes Belle. What a cat. Felkrash trained her for me shortly after she single handedly charmed all the rats of the Port and drowned them.484
And that is how she drowned the rats.483
Oh you're too generous. 481
I don't know, I really shouldn't.480
Oh. *And just as quickly turns sour again.*479
*The face's face perks up at the mention of the word pretty.*357
She's the story teller not me.350
Do you know something, I think I'll tell you, mind you, don't tell Felkrash about this, she'd only get sore with me. 349
One day .....334
Felkrash told me of the task she set you.272
I shouldn't have told you that story. Shame on you for coaxing it out of me.262
Step away from that manhole, you've no business down there.223
I must congratulate you on your performance, I have only ever seen one other display of musicality to match, as you should know.90