Ah! You got inside at last! You spent all that time fumbling around outside, I thought you'd never make it here.1,579
Nope, I don't feel so good either.1,217
He is known as Percival.1,199
I fear my life is running short... Alas, my son and heir is not here. I am waiting for my son to return to this castle.939
Ah excellent. A knight come to seek the Holy Grail. Maybe our land can be restored to its former glory.921
None at all.918
I believe he is a knight of the round table.855
If you could find my son, that would be a great weight off my shoulders.803
At the moment the Grail cannot be removed from the castle. Legend has it a questing knight will one day work out how to restore our land; then he will claim the Grail as his prize.718
Oh, I can see what is happening in my realm. I have sent clues to help you get here, such as the fisherman, and the crone.446
No, not at all. Please, be my guest.276