Who dares to disturb my slumber?1,549
Have you come, then, to pay your respects?1,308
With your blood, mortal!1,306
I am the guardian of the mountain, the god of the northern lands. I move the earth and control the skies. I am the Kendal!1,258
Ah, the people that live in the mountains here, they are a superstitious lot. They fear few things, but magic and gods they're scared to death of.1,231
Ah, you're referring to the skeletons you see here? Yes, I did. Most of the time, at least. When there was no troll to be ambushed, and I had to eat...1,231
Recently? Oh no, the entrance you came through has been blocked off for a good many years now. I've only seen trolls and the occasional stray dwarf since then, until you came along.1,230
She is just over there, in the centre, with the dress. I did not eat her after I killed her, she was too beautiful for that.1,218
What did you say, mortal?1,200
How did you figure that out? How did you know?1,200
I cannot do that. If they knew I wasn't a god, and if her father knew I killed his daughter, the whole tribe would come in here at once and I'd be finished.971
I felt sorry for killing her, but by then it was already too late.961
Come and try!960
So I took on the guise of one of their legends. It's a good way of being left alone.896
But yes, more than ten years ago, I did kill someone like that.896
You demand nothing! You may have uncovered my disguise, but my claws can still tear you apart at will!236
I will not allow you to leave!203
Do not mock me, mortal!120
You are brave, to come into my cave and say a thing like that!115
I did not give you permission to touch that, mortal!41
Go now, mortal, but I'll be watching you!38
I am not here to answer questions of such trivial nature! Go now before doom befalls you, mortal!31
Stay away from there!21
I would not say such things if I were you, mortal!21
And how is that very much different from you, walking around in silly suits of armour, killing everything that moves?8
I'm afraid I can't let you leave either. You cannot tell anyone about me.7