Aye, I have that artefact in my possession.1,196
I shall set a test for you.1,128
Well done. You have passed my test.990
'Tis very valuable, and not an artefact to be given away lightly.971
Good day to you sir.865
First I need you to travel to Port Sarim. Then go to the upstairs room of the jeweller's shop there.834
I would want to give it away only to one who is worthy and good.815
Here is Excalibur, guard it well.798
Good day to you madam.515
I am the Lady of the Lake.77
Why, by proving yourself to be above material goods.64
500 gold coins ought to do it.64
You are still worthy to wield Excalibur! And thanks for the cash! I felt like getting a new haircut!60
...But you have already proved thyself to be worthy of wielding it once already. I shall return it to you if you can prove yourself to still be worthy.56
I don't think you are worthy enough.4
Come back when you are a better person.4
Well, come back when you do.3