How curious? I have not seen a creature of your kind for many years. You have ventured into the Nexus human - I should warn you to be aware of the Abyssal Sires.465
The Sires are the engineers of this living pocket universe known to you and I as the Abyss. 386
At the hands of the 'Chaos God', Zamorak, like myself, they too were cast down and imprisoned in this living tomb. 354
They worked for centuries attempting to escape the pull of the Abyss but as food resources began to deplete they knew that their only chance for survival was to construct this Nexus. 336
They absorb flesh and bone of their demon kin, weaving it into the fabric of these very walls. Here they have remained in deep stasis, asleep. 327
If you succeed in awakening them, they will no doubt unleash their full fury upon you. Someone of your calibre should be able to deal with them though, especially with the shadows on your side...321
Have you harvested any components for me?318
If you succeed in killing a Sire, you may be fortunate enough to find one of its unsired offspring among its remains. Bring the Unsired here, to the Font of Consumption.311
By placing the Unsired into the Font, I will be able to consume its flesh and perhaps you will receive something worth having.304
Ah... Time does not pass in the Abyss at the same rate that it does in your realm, but nevertheless I have been in this place for aeons.273
There is something you can do here, human. In fact it may perhaps benefit us both.271
Indeed, when I was last in your realm, the armies of Zamorak were battling the other gods for control, and we sought reinforcements from any plane we could reach.247
Bring me a spine, a claw and an axon from the Abyssal Sires, and I shall construct them into a mighty weapon for you. Yes, we shall both benefit from this.239
That was how I came here. We broke through to the Abyss, seeking allies for our cause, but instead I ended up a prisoner in this place, unable to leave, while the God Wars continued without me.228
Yes, human?181
You have served me well, it is good to see that you humans are still as gullible as ever!156
I now have all the components I require, so here is the weapon I promised you.154
Have you not learned yet, appearances can be deceiving. You hold in your hands a living weapon whose power is rivalled by few weapons from your world, use it wisely.142
Bringing me those body parts from the Sires has now granted me enough teleportation energy to leave this living hell hole. Perhaps I will pay your realm a visit and there will be much to harvest!140
Just use the three components on the book, and it will do the rest. You can get spare copies here any time you need.133
Do not think that I am ungrateful for my freedom human. I will leave you this ancient tome that will instruct you in creating more of these weapons in future.126
I did not ask you to bring me anything, human.76
So be it... I will await you on the fields of blood!50
I shall use the components to construct a mighty weapon for you. Rest assured, the process will be beneficial to both of us.47
I still require a spine, a claw and an axon from an Abyssal Sire.9
I still require a spine and an axon from an Abyssal Sire.6
I still require a spine from an Abyssal Sire.5
I still require a claw and an axon from an Abyssal Sire.2
I do not require anything further from you, human.2
I still require a claw from an Abyssal Sire.1
I still require a spine and a claw from an Abyssal Sire.1
I still require an axon from an Abyssal Sire.1