So you're the one who killed Conrad King. Not bad, but you don't look like much to me.1,180
No I wouldn't. I've seen hundreds of fools like you and you're all the same. I doubt you'll be sticking around here very long.1,178
Shut up and let me speak!1,176
The name isn't a joke. We're here to save Kourend. To save it from the corruption that has tainted this once great kingdom.1,174
The irony isn't lost on me. In truth I didn't want to lead at all, but it fell to me because I'm the best at it. Being born a Piscarilius means that you have to be.1,171
I am the Piscarilius family. Of course Lady Shauna Piscarilius couldn't well take charge of a gang so I took on a different name, one that the rich and degenerate are already starting to fear.1,169
Allow me to enlighten you. While you may have been told that the Saviours of Kourend are evil, the truth is quite the opposite. Before we came along, Kourend was filled with violent gangs who cared little for their victims.838
Yes the Saviours of Kourend are thieves. The Saviours of Kourend are murderers. However, we do not randomly pick our targets. Everything we do has a purpose.833
We do that by taking from those who would lord themselves over the people. We remove their power and give it back to those who keep this kingdom alive.816
You truly are a complete and utter idiot.815