Order! ORDER!1,419
Who would you like to call as a witness?1,187
Very well. Anna Sinclair, you are hereby declared 'not guilty' by a jury of your peers. You are free to go.387
I believe we've heard enough. 353
Would the jury please pronounce their verdict?342
This court is now in session.308
Thank you, prosecutor.307
This trial is to determine the guilt or innocence of Anna Sinclair for the murder of Lord Sinclair.305
Very well. The prosecution may present its case.304
Is the prosecution ready?284
Defence, as this is your first time in court, I'm going to explain how we do things around here.280
Is the defence ready?277
simply speak to me and call the next one.276
Your job is to disprove the evidence presented by the prosecution by having your witnesses testify. If you need to hear the prosecution's case again, just speak to him. Let's begin.268
You may call for a recess at any time by leaving through the gate behind you. You'll have to start the trial over when you return. You may call witnesses by speaking to me. When you are finished with a witness263
Ah, the court house was built over the Party Room...34
Balloons we can handle, it's when those dancing knights show up that it gets troublesome.33
Of course. You can speak to them here or back at the jail cell. They'll be released later today after some paperwork gets filled out.33
That was a well presented case. Court is now over, so you may leave when you like.30