Between the mountains we witnessed the Chicken King invade a mountain fort full of Mount Tinmen.9
That was his name! CHICKEN KING! By the light, he fought valiantly.9
He screamed 'Off with their heads' while flailing around with a Halberd...9
His paltry reign is sadly no more.9
She don't speak much, not since the incident.8
I'd prefer not to go into details, but I will say this...8
Killed 'er 'usband!8
Isn't it just.8
During our journey we came upon an abandoned house, it was eerily... silent.6
As we entered the house we were hit by a horrendous smell - it was quite surprising.6
The entire family was dead but there was not a single mark on them... Makes you think, what could do such a thing?6
Such a waste... Such a pretty garden.6
Oh, nothing...6
See you around.4
Not right now... ask me later.2