What?!?! I can't believe you... Let me look at that... Askeladden would NEVER... Gosh. It looks legitimate.306
Here you go, on the house! You have made my life SO much easier! Knowing that little monster won't be bugging me in here all the time anymore!251
Knowing that little horror, he'll probably be willing to in exchange for some cash. You should go ask him yourself though.215
That little weasel will have to abide by this written promise that Askeladden can never ever enter the Longhall again! He can't get round this one!212
He is nothing but a pest. He keeps sneaking in and stealing beer. I shudder to think what he will be like when he has passed his trial of manhood,204
You need this to become a Fremennik, right? Well, you seem okay for an outerlander, it would be a shame to see you fail. You know Askeladden?199
Of course.194
I would rather not; it is a reminder of a life I left behind when I came back.194
No, I have them all here. Why?193
How did you hear about that?!?!?192
and is allowed in here legitimately. If you can get him to sign a contract promising that he will NEVER EVER EVER darken my doorway here again, you get the drink.164
I didn't think anybody knew about that... Well, it is true that in my younger years as a barkeep, I wandered the lands trying various alcoholic delicacies.158
Hello again %FREMENNIK_NAME%. I suppose you want a drink? Or are you going to try another scam with that terrible Askeladden again?152
Well, anyway, I used a fusion of various drinks from all around the world to create the greatest cocktail ever made!150
Did you ever realise just how many different types of alcohol there are here in Gielinor? Lots!143
Of course, when my wanderlust was gone, and I returned back to Rellekka to serve as barkeep here, I gave all that up.139
Yes. Yes I do. I should never have trusted him not to come in here, even with that written promise.98
Anyway, do you want a drink or not?80
I wouldn't know about that, outerlander.57
I am afraid not outerlander.53
Well, as I say, you should talk to him about that. Knowing the little runt as I do though He'll probably do it for the cash.15
Begone exile, before I call the Fremennik guards!7
I'm sorry, you are our brother no more. I cannot help you. Leave, before I must call the guards.6
Leave exile, before I alert the guards.5
Hello yourself, outerlander. A little out of the way up here, aren't you?4
I would love to stop and chat with you, but unfortunately we have a custom that no Fremennik may speak with the outerlanders without the permission of our chieftain.4
Ah... when I gave up my travels across the world many years back, to return to my expected role as longhall barkeep, as my mother, and her mother, were before me,3
I gave up a lot of the freedom I had found in the outside world. I know it is our custom to shun outerlanders and their ways, but I didn't find them as bad as the stories say.3
Don't take it personally. The Chieftain is stood just over there, his name is Brundt. I suggest you go and introduce yourself.3
You wouldn't want to go making any enemies because you weren't aware of our customs now, would you?3
Not a problem, outerlander. It's always nice to see a new face in the Longhall; it happens so rarely.3
Begone exile, you're no sister to me.3
Begone exile, you're no brother to me.3
I'm sorry, you are our sister no more. I cannot help you. Leave, before I must call the guards.3
When you have finished, perhaps you will come back here, and we can share a drink over tales of the outside world?2
Leave now, before I get rid of you myself.2
Okay then.2
I'm sorry, I think it is part of the job of Longhall barkeep to get philosophical about things ocassionally. I wish you all the best of luck with your trials, outerlander.2
Sometimes I feel as though we Fremennik live in a prison that we have constructed for ourselves, and that WE are the outerlanders, out here on the edge of the world...1