Welcome to Blackhole, human. Can I help you?62
Just activate your Disk of Returning. It'll pop you back out to the mines.37
Why, I'm Thordur. Thordur the dwarf. A long time ago, I used to run a business letting people visit my Blackhole for fun.29
The business was good, but eventually the time came for me to retire. So now I live here in Blackhole where it's more peaceful.29
Blackhole? Well, it's sort of like a hole, and it's generally not very well lit. I'll let you work out the rest.27
If you're asking why it's here at all, it was a sort of prison. Bad people were locked here. But it's my home now.26
Why, surely you've got your Disk of Returning? I can't believe you could have lost it in here.4
I really don't understand humans sometimes. Hold tight and I'll sort you out...4