Thank the gods, we finally have enough.764
That may be, but we are very different from the vermin on Neitiznot.663
Errr. 646
How am I going to sell this one?645
How is this island supposed to develop if we keep spending all our money on his paranoid schemes?637
You need to speak with some of the citizens of Jatizso and collect their taxes.633
Thank you for helping our fine city %FREMENNIK_NAME%.630
Err, not quite.591
If you bring us the ore, we won't ask where it came from. Don't worry we're discreet.543
Once we have paid for all the supplies you...err...I have ordered, your Royal Highness, then the coffers will be at their lowest ebb for some time. However, if we tighten our belts and delay your plans for extra506
A Window Tax?490
Would you like the financial report now, sir?487
Yes sire. 485
defences, then-479
How about beer?470
But we have already collected Island Taxes this month! We'll never persuade anyone to pay it. Everyone is surviving on coppers as it is.462
The only people who earn any real money on the island are shopkeepers. Soldiers clearly do not need to be taxed, as paying soldiers' wages is part of the reason for the tax in the first place.462
Shhh! Please whisper, %FREMENNIK_NAME%! For both our sakes just agree, otherwise he'll get into one of his moods, and who knows what he'll pronounce.459
Count the number of windows on each building and tax the people who work inside. 1000 per window.456
A new tax!451
Once you have finished collecting the taxes, come and speak to me again.439
They are in the hall, eating and drinking us out of food and beer. It's costing us a fortune.420
Sire, Sire! The Kelda merchants have arrived, they are three days early. We're not ready!407
I already have. 407
They'll never get enough ore in time, the bunch of lazy no-good layabouts.394
The entrance to our mines are to the north-east of the western gatehouse, outside the walls.390
Excellent news, your majesty.352
We need six pieces of mithril ore for Keldagrim's merchants.343
Thank you, %FREMENNIK_NAME%. If only our miners were as efficient as you.322
Of course your majesty.240
We need seven pieces of coal for Keldagrim's merchants.205
Thank you %FREMENNIK_NAME%. If only our miners were as efficient as you.183
Of course, your majesty.134
Do you have the ore?38
Well for the Beard Tax, talk to anyone who works in the town; shopkeepers and the like. Don't ask anyone else, as they won't have the money to be taxed! Also don't bother with the bank manager - he has plenty of36
money, but seems most adept at keeping it.32
I'm afraid i'm not allowed to talk to you any more. It would be more than my life is worth!31
Yes, your majesty, of course your majesty.28
Thanks, %FREMENNIK_NAME%, you are the first person to stand up to the King's bullying in many a year. Maybe he has learnt something today?28
Please introduce yourself to our ruler, His Royal Greatness King Gjuki Sorvott IV.28
So, talk to each of the following and assess whether they are taxable or not.27
Raum Urda-Stein trades armour and Hring Hring trades ores. Skuli Myrka trades in weapons, Vanligga Gastfrihet looks after the food hall, Flosi Dalksson sells raw fish and Keepa Kettilon supposedly cooks - though27
I haven't seen him actually cook anything for months.24
Fare thee well brave warrior, fare thee well.20
Once you've talked to everyone, come back here and we will check the tax bag again. Hopefully it will be enough to satisfy the King this time.20
Excellent. This man has gathered the six pieces of mithril ore needed by Keldagrim's merchants, sire.18
I hope your mission was successful. Talk with the King, I'm sure he has some things he wishes to discuss with you.14
Well, for the Window Tax, only those who use a building.13
Go to each of the buildings in town:11
Count the number of windows the building has and then ask one of the people who works there to pay the tax.11
Have you completed your undercover mission to Neitiznot yet?10
As you do so your tax bag will fill up slowly. When you've taxed everyone you can, come back here and talk to me or the King.10
I hear you killed the Troll King. Thanks you for that, however I'm afraid I can't really talk to you any more, the King would be unhappy!9
The armourer's hut and the weaponsmith's hut, the eating hall, and the fish shop; all these buildings need to be taxed. The royal hall doesn't need to be taxed, nor the bank or any empty buildings.9
The tax is currently 1000gp per window.9
Then make sure you have your costume and go. There is no time to play around!8
Excellent. This woman has gathered the six pieces of mithril ore needed by Keldagrim's merchants, sire.8
Excellent. This man has gathered the seven pieces of coal needed by Keldagrim's merchants, sire.7
Hello, %FREMENNIK_NAME%. That cat really is a pain isn't he? Always interrupting the King.5
What on earth am I supposed to do with that? Take it away. 4
Hrafn looks contented now. You should be able to continue your conversation with the King now ... 3
Excellent. This woman has gathered the seven pieces of coal needed by Keldagrim's merchants, sire.3
Of course. Please bring six pieces of mithril ore.2
Oh, go and talk to Flosi Dalksson in his shop. He'll have some tuna if you don't have any. You could also fish it from one of the spots round here, if you prefer.2
Don't give me the tax bag until you have collected tax from everyone!2
Of course. Please bring seven pieces of coal.1
You don't have space for the King's tax bag.1
The entrance to the mines is outside the western gatehouse, on the north side of the town.1