You may not enter the battleground with any armour or weaponry of any kind.960
Hello yourself, outerlander. What brings you to dare speak to a mighty Fremennik warrior such as myself?941
The Fremennik council of elders? Why, of course I am. I am recognised as one the clans mightiest warriors. What is it to you outerlander?937
An outerlander wishes to become a Fremennik!?!? Ha! That is priceless!936
Hahahahaha! You certainly show some spirit for an outerlander!934
Hahahahaha! I'm beginning to like you already, outerlander!914
No, there is one more important rule;913
I can see the island! We're almost there!910
If you need to place your equipment into your bank account, I recommend that you speak to the seer, who knows a spell that will do that for you.892
Hahaha! Well fought outerlander! Now come down from there, you have passed my trial with flying colours!891
I did not say you had to, outerlander! All I asked was that you fought to the death! And you did! The death was your own!798
Then allow me to present you with my challenge; This ladder here will take you to a place of combat. I have placed a special warrior down there to challenge you.731
I was not interested in how strong you are! I was interested in how BRAVE you are! You fought a superior enemy to your very last breath - THAT is bravery.681
If you leave you will of course fail the test. You may retry my test in the future if you fail, but you must stay down there until the death if you wish for my vote at the council.677
Well, let us say that I am not totally against this concept. As a warrior, I appreciate the value of brave and powerful warriors to our clan,674
But spirit does not always make a good warrior. It takes both skill and spirit to be so. I have a test that I give all Fremenniks on their path to be a member of the clan.671
So what say you, outerlander? Are you prepared for the battle?657
I would be honoured to represent you to the council as worthy of being a Fremennik after watching that superb battle!642
You must defeat him three times to prove that you are worthy. The fourth time that you fight him will be to the death, so do not show cowardice.638
My test will challenge both your combat prowess and your bravery equally. Should you pass it you will earn my vote at the council, and more importantly my respect for you as a warrior.626
and even though you may be an outerlander, I will not hold this against you if you can prove yourself to be fierce of heart in a combat situation to me.624
Battle him to the death, and you will pass my challenge. If at any point you wish to leave combat, simply climb back up the ladder, to leave that place.598
Ah... well this is a different matter. With that token I can claim my rightful place as a champion in the Long hall!428
Oh you would, would you outerlander? I have already told you, I will not demean myself with such a baby sitting job until I can sit in the Longhall with pride.427
Absolutely! I watched the entire battle, and was extremely impressed with your bravery in combat!348
Here outerlander, I can suffer the indignity of playing babysitter if it means that I can then revel with my warrior equals in the Long Hall afterwards!314
Here outerlander, take this contract; I will fulfill it to my utmost.300
Know you not who I am outerlander? There are none more brave or powerful than me amongst all the Fremennik!187
There is but one way outerlander. Since I was steeled in battle, I have dreamt of earning my place at the Champions Table in the Long Hall.185
WHAT? No, no, not at all! I am shocked you would suggest such a thing!181
However... The role of bodyguard is below me, as a noble warrior. You might as well ask me to babysit the children!162
It is a tradition amongst us that the bravest and strongest are honoured with a table of champions to drink and feast all that they can in our Long Hall.156
Although my worthiness is undeniable, the only way I may take my place is if one of those already there die, or give up their place to me voluntarily.153
If you can persuade one of the Revellers to give up their Champions' Token to you so that I might take their place, you may have my contract as a bodyguard.147
Unfortunately, there are only a fixed number of places available at the table, and these places were all filled many moons ago by others.143
I will not offer my vote to anybody whose bravery in combat I do not trust completely. You must go down that ladder and fight your foe to the death.100
Not in the slightest.86
And greetings to you too. It is good to see new blood entering the Fremennik; we gain our strength by bringing new warriors into the tribe.52
Ah, a wise question before entering combat. His name is Koschei the deathless. He is something of a mystery, even to us.48
On one of our regular raiding parties, our longship discovered a man in the frozen waters far north-east of here. We took him aboard our ship, thinking he must be dead.46
Some say he cannot die, for he has hidden his heart outside of his body to be kept forever safe in a duck egg.43
He has no memory of who he is, or how he came to be there, except for his own name: Koschei. We named him 'The Deathless' because he is seemingly unkillable!40
I believe you shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. He is a fearfully powerful warrior, but more importantly; He is on OUR side, not against us.39
He can hide his combat level from his opponents at will as well! He is truly a horribly fierce opponent to face! I am only glad that he has chosen to stay here with us!38
Some claim that the sword he carries is the source of all his power, and if he should lose it, then exactly one minute later, he will turn back into his true form;37
To our amazement he was perfectly healthy, even though he must have been in those deadly icey waters for many weeks.35
The daylight makes him feel weak, so we have built him his own battleground beneath this building, where he can train his fiercesome skills without being disturbed.34
Any combat technique used against him, he learns instantly! He also apparently can heal himself from any wound at will! When he attacks, his weapon moves like a whirlwind!33
Others say he has been cursed by the gods to wander this land forever, never knowing any peace in his life, but only combat.31
A weakened, lame, old man.31
He is content testing the battle skills of anyone taking their Fremennik trials of manhood, and I am content knowing that should an enemy ever invade our town,31
while our warriors are out on a raiding party, Koschei will be able to hold off ANY invader long enough for us to make our return.31
Outerlander... do not test my patience. I do not take kindly to people wandering in here and acting as though they own the place.22
Yes of course outerlander! If you bring me five raw sardines then I will vote for you instead!11
HAHAHAHAHAHA! No, of course not! You are stupid, even by outerlander standards!11
If you want my vote, you must pass my trial. It is as simple as that.10
You misunderstand, outerlander. Normally I will only battle for a noble cause, but have never been recognised as a true champion here.6
You will need to persuade one of the revellers in the Long Hall to give up their token, and their place, in deference to my own worthiness somehow.5
Leave me be, outerlander. I have nothing to say to the likes of you.5
With this Champion's token, I can stand alongside my warrior brethren in the Long Hall, and revel in the glories of past victories together!5
Hmm, not so brave after all, outerlander? Perhaps it is for the best. I doubt you have what it takes to pass my challenge.3
Leave exile, before I alert the guards.1