I'd never say no to a redberry pie! We Imcando dwarves love them - they're GREAT!1,629
By Guthix! THAT was good pie! Anyone who makes pie like THAT has got to be alright!1,609
How are you doing finding those sword materials?1,312
Have you got a picture of the sword for me yet?1,277
Just remember to call in with more pie some time!1,204
You'll need to get me some stuff to make this. I'll need two iron bars to make the sword, to start with. I'll also need an ore called blurite.1,089
Well, after bringing me my favorite food I guess I should give it a go. What sort of sword is it?1,080
A knight's sword eh? Well, I'd need to know exactly how it looked before I could make a new one.1,080
You'll need a little bit of mining experience to be able to find it.802
Good, good! Hand me the axe and I'll get to work.797
It is a fairly rare ore. The only place I know to get it is under this cliff here, but it is guarded by a very powerful ice giant.795
You make excellent redberry pies, %USERNAME%, so how can I refuse? Let me see what's wrong with it then.792
Its former glory eh? May I ask where exactly you got this axe from?792
Ah, Keldagrim. We have not been there for a long time.792
Never mind.791
Oh no, blurite is not appropriate here. No no, this is going to be a very delicate piece of work, requiring only a small amount in the way of raw materials.763
Blurite is useless for making actual weapons, except crossbows, but I'll need some as decoration for the hilt.762
All the Faladian knights used to have swords with unique designs according to their position. Could you bring me a picture or something?749
Most of the rocks in that cliff are pretty useless, and don't contain much of anything, but there's DEFINITELY some blurite in there.747
Here you go, %USERNAME%, good as new.683
Can you get me one bar of iron? Then I'll be able to start my work on this.614
Hand me the axe and I'll fix it right up for you.608
Well, you know what to do! Get me another redberry pie and I'll have a look at that axe of yours!519
I don't talk about that sort of thing anymore. I'm getting old.481
It's a Skillcape of Smithing. It shows that I'm a master blacksmith, but that's only to be expected - after all, my ancestors were the greatest blacksmiths in dwarven history.327
If you ever achieve level 99 Smithing you'll be able to wear a cape like this, and receive more experience when smelting gold ore.270
You're welcome - thanks for the pie!182
Well, come back when you do.172
What do you need, human?147
I reckon so; we master smiths must stick together! I'll give it to you for just 99000 coins.136
Excellent! Wear that cape with pride my friend.129
Here's your axe, %USERNAME%. It looks like there's some damage to the hilt as well, probably some missing sapphires. But I'm sure you can take care of that yourself.114
You want that knight's sword again? I suppose you brought me a lovely pie, so I don't mind. I'll need a blurite ore and two iron bars, like before.80
Do you have a bar of iron for me?57
Better go get some then, huh?51
Another? By Guthix, you are generous! I like you!35
BUUUUUUUUUUUUUURP Mmmmm... I could eat redberry pies all day!35
No. I don't do that anymore. I'm getting old.19
Better go get one then, huh?19
Most certainly, and free of charge!9
Better go get some then, huh? The only place I know to get it is under this cliff here, but it is guarded by a very powerful ice giant.8
Well, you know what to do! Get me another redberry pie and I'll consider it!8
Hmph, who wrote this text? It seems new.3
Nevermind! If you ever plan on going back to this island, I'll happily come along.3
I'll believe it when I see it... Now begone, I've got things to do.3
I did find something washed up on the beach. It looks like the axe I repaired for you, yes.2
You've probably got it stored somewhere. Have another look for it.2
Well, I need a blurite ore and two iron bars. The only place I know to get blurite is under this cliff here, but it is guarded by a very powerful ice giant.2
I can't sell you one here. Try talking to me later.1
Too much money? A smith of your calibre should be able to make that amount in an hour!1