Have you taken the Karambwan vessel to Tinsay?1,585
Yes. I will do as I promised.1,304
Not yet. I will stay here a while to catch more Karambwan.1,297
Did you ask for crafting instructions as I said?1,197
Thank you so much. You cannot understand what all of this means to me and our people.1,193
Hello, Bwana! We three have finally returned to the village!1,146
I wish to reward you in return for helping me.1,141
Indeed. I have determined precisely how long to cook them for so that they are edible.1,139
Thanks to you, Lubufu's Karambwan monopoly is over. If you ever need some, then come to me and not the store in Brimhaven.1,136
As you say, Bwana.1,077
What is it?1,076
I need this to practice with. Why don't you craft another one?1,058
I cannot return just yet. We witness the change of a turning tide. The secrets of the Karambwan are to be unlocked!1,057
Before I return, I must ask you to do one thing.1,057
Take a Karambwan vessel to my brother Tinsay. He is the academic amongst us. Tell him I have asked him to study it so that we may craft more of its type.1,057
Bwana! I cannot believe my eyes!1,046
I will return only when I have caught a Karambwan.1,022
Hmph ... my father would not care.1,014
I am.1,003
I, Tiadeche, who would never amount to anything, have managed to trap a Karambwan!967
I will meet you in the village once you have helped my brothers and spoken to my father.953
I have been attempting to cook the Karambwan. As we all know, they are poisonous if not cooked properly.842
Let me offer to you my first catch as a sign of gratitude.823
I just don't know. You can try.689
Something ... helpful?689
Please hurry! Time is of the essence!355
I'm trying to catch them with a net as they swim by.243
They keep fighting loose of the twining.240
Hello, Bwana! Would you like to buy some Karambwan?194
You don't know? The Karambwan is a species of octopus native to these waters.159
They have a monopoly on its sale in the pirate town of Brimhaven.123
At this rate, it could take forever.115
Sometimes, oblivion is all I crave...113
Very well. Let me know if you change your mind.76
This vessel is useless! The Karambwan are not even interested in entering it!36
I have caught another Karambwan! I think I ought to give it to you.25
Just leave a depressed fish hunter alone...14
I refuse to take your offerings. I must catch this Karambwan myself.11
I'll never be able to catch a Karambwan...10
Go away! Can't you see I'm concentrating?10
The Holy Friend? Bwana, it is sacrilege to feed these fish to Karambwan!7
This attracts many more Karambwan, but they still break free of the net.7