Trufitus Shakaya? What news does he send?1,276
Bwana, do you speak the truth?1,274
Then it must be true.1,271
I cannot thank you enough for what you have done so far.1,267
My sons have returned to the village!1,221
You should go and see my sons in the village. I think they have something for you.1,206
I am the Chief of Tai Bwo Wannai Village! Who dares set foot in my hut?1,065
I ask you to deliver the good news to my three sons Tamayu, Tinsay & Tiadeche, and then return them to the village.1,034
Thank you very much. I shall reward you greatly if you succeed.1,014
We shall see, Bwana.1,011
I now ask you to do one last thing for our village.897
It was? Very well. I still would that you accept my reward.823
No, Bwana, you deserve much more.634
Adventurer, please accept my eternal gratitude!532
Well then adventurer, you would do better to rove elsewhere.516
Wayfarer, please accept my eternal gratitude!489
That's good Bwana, I would hate to think that you were just being lazy while you're in my kingdom!380
Well then wayfarer, you would do better to wander elsewhere.290
Yes Bwana, plenty of interesting things to do. Firstly you could make an effort to tidy the place up a little. Equip yourself with a machete and start cutting down the jungle that seems to be growing all around here. 247
Welcome back, adventurer.222
Very good. The spirits of my family will watch over you. And now, I would that you also accept a small token of my appreciation.220
Go and have a chat with Murcaily for information, he's tending the hardwood grove to the east of here.217
My first son is Tamayu. After him was born Tinsay. And after him was born Tiadeche.199
It should be clear to anyone that I am the chief of Tai Bwo Wannai. I ensure that things run smoothly in this village.173
Welcome back, wayfarer.152
Ah, adventurer, welcome back to Tai Bwo Wannai.150
Well then explorer, you would do better to travel elsewhere.138
Patience, Bwana, patience.138
You again! Only a fool would ignore my instructions.135
On our island of Karamja. They will not have fled far.127
Tamayu was a natural born hunter. He killed his first monkey at the age of three!118
I said: begone!118
And good conversation skills.117
Tiadeche always wanted to hunt fish. However, he has not had much success.116
He needs to improve his technique - but he does not heed my advice.115
This place has been cursed. Our people have angered the gods and have fled the village.113
You ask too many questions! Now begone!105
Tinsay was brought up to be a priest. Be careful with him - he has acted strange since the accident.103
It involved Jogres. We don't talk about it.103
Of course. I sometimes wonder if they know they have issues. Anyway, please accept also my reward.92
Ah, wayfarer, welcome back to Tai Bwo Wannai.80
Well then NoBody, you would do better to go elsewhere.56
Nobody, please accept my eternal gratitude!56
Of course. That is in your nature.47
Welcome back, Nobody.23
Are you ready to help me?21
Ah, Nobody, welcome back to Tai Bwo Wannai.21
Very well. Return when you are ready.7
Ahhhhhhhh - Get away from me you beast!2
Ahhhhhhhh - It's a monster!2
Waahhhhh! - It's da evil broodoo beast come ta eat my very soul!1