Heya! What can I get you?131
Well, we've got Asgarnian Ale, Wizard's Mind Bomb and Dwarven Stout, all for only 3 coins.117
There you go.5
We'll buy it for a couple of coins if you're interested.4
Oh it's you again. Forgotten the secret already?3
Mmmmm... the secret is in the gold. Drop a gold coin into asgarnian ale and you'll get this weird golden ale that the dwarves seem to love, I think they're genetically attracted to gold.3
Ooh, we'll buy those off you if you're interested. 2 coins per glass.1
I said 3 coins! You haven't got 3 coins!1
Nothing at the moment. Try again another time.1
No thanks, I don't need that.1