Thanks for helping us out; we really do appreciate it.2,910
Oh? Let's take a look...1,150
Hello! You're that student who recently finished all three Earth Sciences exams, aren't you? Come to help us out?515
Hello there; I see you're qualified. Come to help us out?482
Greetings, my dear sir. Have you come to give us a hand?304
If there is anything already in the crate, feel free to take it as a reward for your work.262
Oh my! What a wonderful find! If this is what I believe it to be, it would allow us to date the Dig Site city.246
Interesting...yes...yes...hmmm.... It looks like it's enchanted.235
Oh, I think it's just a benign teleportation spell. I tinker in magic when I'm not doing archaeology. I can teach you how to make more necklaces like this. Amazing that they had this kind of knowledge back then.235
Hmm...all the indications are that it's somewhere to the east of us, but I'm not sure how far. Perhaps it was a teleport back to Saranthium. Let me just take a closer look.234
Yes, indeed. Well done, youngster, thanks for helping us.233
An interesting find... Here, let me offer you something in return.217
What have we here?215
Ahh... That looks like an altar piece. Hmm, yes...from the early Saradominist worshippers by the looks of it. Quite delicate, too. Put it in display case 37.213
Ahh... Oh! Hmm...yes...made by Zaros worshippers, by the looks of it. Beautifully-shaped. It looks as if this would go nicely in display case 22. This piece reinforces our evidence that the city was occupied by211
And look here, it has the name of the city too! Saranthium! That must be during the Saradominist occupation. This is a wonderful find. Please take it and place it in display case 45.205
You've already shown me one of those, but it was in better condition. It's in the display case over there. You can pop this one in the finds crate over in the corner.191
Greetings, my dear madam. Have you come to give us a hand?186
Zarosians before Saradominists.179
at which time, the city was known as Senntisten.173
That's in rather good condition, isn't it? An old altar decoration by the looks of things, from the Saradominist city no doubt. Put it in display case 36.171
Oh! This is very interesting...and confusing at the same time. This coin means that the city that we're excavating on the Digsite - Saranthium - was actually inhabited much, much earlier by followers of Zamorak,169
This is a most remarkable discovery, as we have other evidence indicating that Zarosian followers were resident before the Saradominists took over, but it also seems that Zamorakian forces used it during a battle of some168
sort. Still, it allows us to roughly date when the city changed from following Zaros and Zamorak to following Saradomin. Put it in display case 44.161
Ah, the vases... I've lost count of how many we've found of those... The only completely intact one is in the display case already. Just add it to the crate of finds over near the door.160
Ahh, yes, we find lots of those - they're not important. We already have some in our display. Just add it to the crate of finds over near the door.153
Well, you'll need to get your equipment first - it's all there on the tool rack. Use what you learned from your Earth Sciences exams. You'll need to be wearing your leather gloves and boots as well as have access to107
I see you have your equipment - well done.94
your trowel, rock pick and specimen brush.90
Thank you, but I don't need that.88
To really give us a hand, you could clean some finds for us. They're mostly done - just some fine work to finish off. Take a find from the pile that the workmen are bringing in, then there are spare tables over there81
to clean them on. If you find anything interesting, let us know and we'll see if it's good enough to go on display.76
Back again? Have you put the old coin in display case 45 yet?66
Back again? Have you put the ancient coin in display case 44 yet?41
Sounds like you never had it, lad!36
Sounds like you never had it, lass!29
Back again? Have you put the pottery in display case 22 yet?27
Back again? Have you put the ancient symbol in display case 37 yet?27
Back again? Have you put the old symbol in display case 36 yet?9