What do you want, small t'ing?1,154
Hahaha! Small t'ing returns. Did you bring the dragon bone?1,131
Hahaha! You'll never get in there.1,122
Bold words for a t'ing so small.1,120
Hahaha! Small t'ing has done it. Toban is glad - take this...1,109
Hahaha! This creature t'inks it can help me! I would eat you now, but for your puny size.1,102
Prove to me your might: bring me the bones of an adult dragon to chew on, and I'll eat them, not you.891
The small t'ing returns; what do you want now?107
Have you arrived for dinner? Hahaha! Be gone, small t'ing!65
Then you shall get nothing from me!21
Hahaha! It t'inks it's a match for Toban, does it?16
Small t'ing, you lie to me! I always says that small t'ings are big trouble.9
Mmm! But not just now, t'anks.3