Leave me... But I don't want to... How can you say that...989
I've done nothing wrong... Arrrghhh...988
Sorry? What happened?959
Oh yeah. I was looking for the legacy of a civilisation that used to live down here.959
Hi. Thanks again for saving me, I'm so glad to be out of that horrible place. I was foolish to ignore my parents' warnings when I ran away that day. Luckily I've been able to patch things up with them so they've957
I managed to find the remnants of the ancient civilisation that the stories talked about. It seems people used to worship a god there years ago in numbers far greater than a simple cult following. Sadly there is little955
Not really, just a few coins, which you're welcome to have.948
I've decided to keep open the rift. There is a part of it that is perfectly laid out for combat training and remnants of my subconscious remain in there. I want to show people the problems I have faced, so that they948
I can't live with your rules any more, Mother.904
I'm tired of working hard for very little money. There's great wealth that's mine for the taking!827
returned home with peace of mind.825
I'm tired of your pathetic outlook. Good bye.771
Thank you so much. I truly owe you for your help.722
Where is she?711
Father? Oh, I'm so sorry, can you ever forgive me?710
remaining so I have nothing else to tell. As soon as I entered this area the ground swallowed me whole. I felt there was something watching, waiting. It's like there is some evil power under the ground that wanted me to707
may learn from them. You're welcome to go down there and practice fighting any time.707
I'm fine, my memories are slowly returning. How's mother?702
suffer. As if it got some sort of empowerment from it. At least whatever it is, it doesn't want to reveal itself to the world yet...689
Of course, if you enter the rift next to me, you'll find a large dungeon filled with four kinds of beasts. You will recognise them from the gauntlet in which you helped me.34
You might find it harder now! At least one is bound to cause you some sort of threat. Be careful! There isn't much in the way of items or treasure down there, it's purely for practicing your combat!32