Greetings. What can I do for you?2,641
Very well. How goes things?1,268
Blimey! Forget the Queen of Thieves. If this letter is to be believed, Councillor Hughes is working with those vile Disciples of Yama. I must report this to the council immediately.1,257
There is something I could use some help with. I'm here on behalf of the Kourend Council to investigate some unusual happenings in Port Piscarilius.1,243
Port Piscarilius is home to various gangs. They're a nuisance but up to now we haven't had much trouble in dealing with them.1,240
A new gang calling themselves the Saviours of Kourend has recently formed. That's not surprising as gangs come and go all of the time but this one is different.1,240
The Saviours of Kourend have been absorbing many of the other gangs. Within a few weeks they've already become the largest gang in Kourend and more join them each day.1,237
Shauna Piscarilius is the leader of Port Piscarilius but she spends most of her time galavanting around in that boat of hers rather than looking after her home.1,233
Well my original plan was to infiltrate the gang to get close to the Queen and apprehend her. However, I've been unable to make any progress. Apparently I don't look the part.1,231
Quite right. They're quite insistent though so someone else will need to give it a go. You look like you might be just the type they're after.1,230
That you look poor.1,230
Anyway if you're up for the task you'll need to infiltrate the Saviours of Kourend, find the Queen of Thieves, apprehend her and then bring her to me.1,230
Excellent. The Saviours of Kourend must have their headquarters somewhere nearby. You should ask around town and see if anyone knows where they are. Good luck.1,214
You've done a great service to the people of Kourend and there is no greater reward than the satisfaction of a job well done.1,068
Now be on your way. I have a lot of work to do.1,062
The talk amongst the people is that it's all down to their leader, a mysterious figure known only as the Queen of Thieves.863
So are you up for it?841
A group of deranged cultists that worship some sort of demon. They're not a big threat compared to the lizardmen, but they're still an enemy to Kourend.687
Indeed. I must report this to the council immediately.680
There is something I could use some help with. However, you're not really the person I need for this task.92
Hello. Thanks again for your help.58
Very well thank you. My work in bringing down Councillor Hughes means that I'm finally starting to get the recognition that I deserve.44
Yes, yes, very good job. I'll make sure to mention you in my acceptance speech when I'm voted in as her replacement.42
I'm conducting important business here for the Kourend Council.38
Very well. Until next time.15
Well come back to me once you have the Queen of Thieves.10
Although it's called a kingdom, Great Kourend hasn't actually had a king for many years. These days Kourend is a republic and it is ruled by the Kourend Council.8
You need to infiltrate the Saviours of Kourend, find the Queen of Thieves, apprehend her and then bring her to me.8
The Kourend Council consists of four councillors who are elected by the people every four years. One of the councillors holds the position of head councillor and this rotates every year.7
Can I help you with anything else?6
Fair enough. I'll be here if you change your mind.5
The Saviours of Kourend headquarters will be somewhere nearby. You might be able to learn more by asking around town.4