How... bizarre.9
How do you mean?8
Oh yeah! It was great! They're kind of spooky, but hey, it was a great do they laid on for us!7
Nope, can't say as I did...6
You again? You still looking for the jinx then?6
Ask away. I have nothing to hide.5
Ask away.5
I'm sorry, I didn't see much beyond the food on my plate and the grog in my tankard.5
Well, good luck with that. I'm very uneasy knowing that there's a jinx on board.5
You didn't see what the ship just did?4
Yes, yes it is. VERY abnormal.4
Really? I hope not, they're evil things.4
I already told you, I didn't see anyone acting out of order at it.2
Did he? I can't say as I remember...2
Sorry. You know how it is at a party!2
Can't you see i'm busy?1
Well don't be decived by looks! I'm busy practicing looking fierce.1
It's very important to strike fear into the enemy just by looks. It's rule 1 of being a pirate.1
Really? Then you had best speak to him about it.1
Hello there. So what brings you aboard the Lady Zay?1
Aye, she's a beauty alright! The Lady Zay has been my home for many hard months, through storm and sun, and she always gets us to here we were headed!1
That she is lad, that she is.1
Written in chalk?1
Strange magical symbols?1
That look like they were drawn by a member of the moon clan?1
No, sorry.1
Arrr, tis a bootiful place to be sure. Watch your step though. The Moon Clan don't suffer outsiders easily.1