Hmm... 3rd Age.... No, no...maybe 4th...59
Yes, good aren't they! Have you done the quest?58
Hi there. So much to see here!57
Yes, that's it, just like that. Mustn't forget the map either....hmm...what else?56
Oh, hello there. Sorry, was a bit engrosed in updating this display. I've just been out questing and thought I'd stop off here you see. It's quite rewarding too.55
Yes, I just learned more about some priestly warriors and a staff of the gods.55
Oh, hello. I was just looking at this display here.54
Ahh, I'm big on quests me, love questing. So when I've done one, I check here with 'Historian' Minas to see if I can help the Museum out with some information. Sometimes they already know it, or don't want to know,54
Yes, one I just updated by talking to 'Historian' Minas. I'm a bit of a quester you see.53
You should, as well as everything else there is here in the Museum. Did you know they have a really fun- looking display down in the basement? I love monkeys.53
Have a good day!52
Did you know after the quest you can get the teddy bear back by stealing it from the female student?51
Hmm, yes. Okay. Don't forget to check out the Natural History exhibit - you could learn a lot.51
Oh, yes, marvellous isn't it! I particularly like the wyvern, very interesting considering they've never found a live specimen. And to think they could possibly have been flapping around at one time!50
Yes, very intricate isn't it? Worrying to think some people risk their lives in them! You wouldn't catch me up in one. Had a chat with Jacques while I was up there, the art critic...he's a bit funny in the head.49
Well, he thinks he's going to get an entire portrait gallery to himself!48
I guess so. Wonder what poetry he'll come up with then! Still, I must get on with this display. See you around I hope!47
and sometimes it earns me a reward or two.47
No offence intended, my dear chap. Just very interested in this history stuff, that's all.41
Hi there!34
Oh, just taking a look at these displays. I'm a bit of a history buff.22
Well, did you know that Bob the Cat is... no, no... you'd never believe me anyway.19
No, no. Couldn't possibly ruin the surprise.13
If you really want to know, go talk to Unferth in his house in Burthorpe.13
No offence intended, my dear girl. Just very interested in this history stuff, that's all.12
Oh you should, it lets you get into that bit where they clean the finds, and you can join in!7
He's a very famous hero! Robert the Strong!6
Oh, I thought I was going to surprise you.6