Hear ye! Hear ye! Player Moderators massive help to RuneSc- 3,052
Oh, hello citizen. Are you here to find out about Player Moderators? Or perhaps would you like to know about the laws of the land?1,186
As you wish, I will make sure the people know. Just know that I'll be sending them right to the king if they get angry.493
New taxes? You know that people won't be happy about that, right?488
Is there anything else you'd like to know?438
Of course. What would you like to know?147
Jagex picks players who spend their time and effort to help better the Old School RuneScape community. To increase your chances of becoming a Player Moderator:110
Keep your account secure! This is very important, as a player with poor security will never be a P-Mod. Read our Security Tips for more information.108
Play by the rules! The rules of Old School RuneScape are enforced for a reason, to make the game a fair and enjoyable environment for all.103
Report accurately! When Jagex consider an account for review they look for quality, not quantity. Ensure your reports are of a high quality by following the report guidelines.100
Be excellent to each other! Treat others as you would want to be treated yourself. Respect your fellow player.98
At once. Take a look at my book here...41
Player Moderators are normal players of the game, just like you. However, since they have shown themselves to be trustworthy and active reporters, they have been invited by Jagex to monitor the game and27
Remember, if there's not silver crown there, they are not a Player Moderator!26
take appropriate action when they see rule breaking. You can spot a Player Moderator in game by looking at the chat screen - when a Player Moderator speaks, a silver crown appears to the left of their name.25
Hear ye! Hear ye! Player Moderators massive help to Rune... Oh great, a P-mod! I know all about the great job you guys do, would you like me to prove my extensive knowledge to you?!21
Player Moderators, or 'P-mods', have the ability to mute rule breakers and Jagex view their reports as a priority so that action is taken as quickly as possible. P- Mods also have access to the Player Moderator Centre.18
Never question a penguin.17
Within the Centre are tools to help them Moderate Old School RuneScape. These tools include dedicated forums, the Player Moderator Guidelines and the Player Moderator Code of Conduct. 17
P-Mods cannot ban your account - they can only report offences. Jagex then take action based on the evidence received. If you lose your password or get scammed by another player, P-Mods cannot help you15
Melee armour actually gives you disadvantages when using magic attacks. It may be better to take off your armour entirely!15
Did you know most skills have right click 'Make-X' options to help you train faster? 15
get your account back. All they can do is recommend you to go to Customer Support. They cannot retrieve any items you may have lost and receive no free items from Jagex for helping moderate the game. They are14
Did you know? Superheat Item means you never fail to smelt ore!14
The squirrels! The squirrels are coming! Noooo, get them out of my head!13
If a player isn't sure of the rules, send them to me! I'll be happy to remind them!13
If you see someone breaking the rules, report them!13
Did you know? You burn food less often on a range than on a fire!13
players who give their efforts to help the community out of the goodness of their hearts! P-mods do not work for Jagex and so cannot make you a Moderator, or recommend other accounts to become moderators. If13
If you think someone knows your password - change it!13
Take time to check the second trade window carefully. Don't be scammed!12
you wish to become a Moderator, please feel free to ask me how!12
Never lend your items out unless you expect them not to come back.12
If you're stuck on a skill, talk to the Lumbridge Tutors for help and tips.11
Never tell your password to anyone, not even your best friend!11
Feeling harassed? Don't forget your ignore list can be especially useful if a player seems to be picking on you!11
Did you know that at high levels of Runecrafting you get more than one rune per essence?11
Players can not trim armour. Don't fall for this popular scam!11
Jagex will never e-mail you. Do not believe any e-mails that claim to be from us.11
Be careful when fighting wizards! Wearing heavy armour can lower your Magic resistance!10
Did you know having a bank pin can help secure your valuable items?10
If you're lost and have no idea where to go, use the Home Teleport spell for free!10
Make your recovery questions and answers hard to guess but easy to remember.9
There are no cheats in Old School RuneScape! Never visit websites promising otherwise!9
Did you know you burn food less often on the range in Lumbridge castle than other ranges?9
Beware of players trying to lure you into the wilderness. Your items cannot be returned if you lose them!9
If the chat window is moving too quickly to report a player accurately, run to a quiet spot and review the chat at your leisure!9
Did you know that you can wear a shield with a crossbow?8
Don't use your Old School RuneScape password on other sites. Keep your account safe!6
Did you know that mithril equipment is very light?6
Well now, let me see...5
Of course, but I can't let you keep it - I've only got a few copies!4
New taxes? A citizen wouldn't have anything to do with taxes. Please allow me to get on with my work.2
Got players asking you to unban them or help them retrieve a stolen or hacked account? There's nothing you can do so just send them to the Customer Support Team. If they think you can help, send them to me; I'll2
put them straight!2
New taxes? I know that mourners don't have anything to do with taxes. Please allow me to get on with my work.2
If you're a new mod, don't forget to read the guidelines before you log into the game! If you've been a P-mod for a while, why not have another read of them to refresh your memory and to get up to date2
Oh yes, but I can't let you keep it - I've only a few copies!2
Your J-mods are there to help you. If you ever need their advice, send them a query. They are always very happy to help. Don't be afraid to use them!2
To avoid reporting the wrong player, add an offender to your friends list, switch your public chat to friends and then use your right-click report from there. Easy!1
Make sure you log out of the game and the forums whenever you leave your device. Don't allow others to see confidential info!1
Think twice before applying that mute. Will it really prevent further damage from surrounding players?1
If you notice a player trying to buy something common for an extremely high price, look about and see if there's someone else selling the same item for a much lower price. Chances are they're team scamming. If so,1
write their names down and send your J-mod curators a query!1
with any changes you may have missed!1
It's always better to report in secret. Telling a player that you are about to report them rarely makes you a friend, and can often lead to a player being offensive to you!1
You'll be amazed how often a bit of humour can diffuse a potentially unpleasant situation, before it becomes too serious.1
An important part of being a P-mod is to act as an ambassador for the game. Keeping your cool even when faced with the rudest players goes a long way towards this!1
The forums are the best place to keep abreast of any procedure changes that might not yet be included in the Player Mod guidelines!1
If you get harassed by a player in game, don't take it personally - the player is reacting to your silver crown, not to you!1