OK? Who's OK? Not me! Hee hee!1,467
You can't see me, no one can. Monsters, demons, they're all around me!1,461
They're dancing, all of them, hee hee.1,454
Who holds the stronghold?1,448
Dance with me, and Khazard's men are beat.1,369
All day we pray in the hay, hee hee.1,275
My legs and your legs, ha ha ha!393
Less than my hands.386
More than my head, less than my fingers.342
More than we, less than our feet.324
I can't stand this war. The misery, the pain, it's driving me crazy! When will it end?65
I can't talk now. Can't you see we're trying to win a battle here?10
I feel dizzy, where am I? Oh dear, oh dear I need some rest.7