Can I help you?1,700
Why do you want to travel to a port you are already at? Do you want to travel somewhere else?484
Certainly sir. Where would you like to go?440
Certainly madam. Where would you like to go?150
I'm one of Trader Stan's crew; we are all part of the largest fleet of trading and sailing vessels to ever sail the seven seas.102
We run ships from Port Phasmatys over to Port Tyras, stopping at Port Sarim, Catherby, Brimhaven, Musa Point, the Shipyard and Port Khazard.93
If you want to get to a port in a hurry then you can charter one of our ships to take you there - if the price is right...92
We certainly do! We have access to items bought and sold from around the world. Would you like to take a look? Or would you like to charter a ship?85
We might dock at Mos Le'Harmless once in a while, as well, if you catch my meaning...80
Is that your bedsheet covered in filthy slime?46
Well, whoever it belongs to, it's not coming on this ship!41
Tricky? Tricky!19
With all due credit, Trader Stan is a great employer, but he insists we wear the latest in high fashion even when sailing.19
Do you have even the slightest idea how tricky it is to sail in this stuff?17
Some of us tried tearing it and arguing that it was too fragile to wear when on a boat, but he just had it enchanted to re-stitch itself.17
Anyway, would you like to take a look at our exotic wares from around the world? Or would you like to charter a ship?17
It's hard to hate him when we know how much he shells out on this gear, but if I fall overboard because of this getup one more time, I'm going to quit.15
Sorry, we can't take you anywhere if you are trying to smuggle that rum.9
Crandor? Are you crazy?9
No charter ship would take you to that island. You'd need to buy your own ship and, even then, you'd have trouble finding a captain crazy enough to go there.8
Sorry, we aren't a laundry ship. You'll need to leave those dirty bedsheets behind.7
No, then we would just mock you.2
The charter ship that goes to that port is currently out of commission.1