Can I help you?108
Certainly sir. Where would you like to go?43
Certainly madam. Where would you like to go?19
Why, I'm Trader Stan, owner and operator of the largest fleet of trading ships and chartered vessels to ever sail the seas!12
If you want to get to a port in a hurry then you can charter one of my ships to take you there - if the price is right...12
We run ships from Port Phasmatys over to Port Tyras, stopping at Port Sarim, Catherby, Brimhaven, Musa Point, the Shipyard and Port Khazard.12
We might dock at Mos Le'Harmless once in a while, as well, if you catch my meaning...12
We certainly do! I and my crewmen have access to items bought and sold from around the world. Would you like to take a look? Or would you like to charter a ship?11
Why do you want to travel to a port you are already at? Do you want to travel somewhere else?7
Crandor? Are you crazy?6
No charter ship would take you to that island. You'd need to buy your own ship and, even then, you'd have trouble finding a captain crazy enough to go there.6
Is that your bedsheet covered in filthy slime?1
Well, whoever it belongs to, it's not coming on this ship!1